Actress and Author Annabelle Gurwitch on How Housework Leads to Romance

Did you know that doing housework leads to romance? And with the most romantic day of the year, yes I’m talking about Valentine’s Day, just a day away, actress, comedian and author Annabelle Gurwitch stopped by to discuss how cleaning her abode has brought her and her husband closer, and other recession proof heart day suggestions!


Actress, author and comedian Annabelle Gurwitch discusses why housework leads to romance and other recession proof Valentine's Day suggestions!

Actress, author and comedian Annabelle Gurwitch discusses why housework leads to romance and other recession proof Valentine’s Day suggestions!




Candace Rose: With such a packed schedule how do you find time to spend with your husband?

Annabelle Gurwitch: “Well, that is a great question. I’ve been married for 16 years and I’ve written a lot about this in my book ‘You Say Tomato, I say Shut Up’, I’ve written about how hard it is when you’re working and you have a kid, and we have a carpool, and we have 7o year old plumbing. But I tried something that worked and it was this survey from Liquid Plumr and it said that 49% of women actually feel like they’re more in the mood when they’ve done their household chores. I thought is this really possible? And then I realized it’s like exercise- you put things off, and then you put things off and it starts to weigh on your mind and you’re tense. But if you actually check off your household chores first, then you’re relaxed, and when you’re relaxed you feel more romantic. So it’s a really good thing to keep in mind this week with Valentine’s Day ahead of us.”

Candace Rose: Absolutely! What are you doing to make sure your Valentine’s Day is full of romance?

Annabelle Gurwitch: “Well, first I will be cleaning my house thinking lots of romantic thoughts, and actually this survey said that 1/3 of women when they’re cleaning fantasize about their spouse, and I’m like ‘ooh that’s a really good idea, why aren’t I doing that?’

I’m going to be cooking up some great ideas and then for this year’s Valentine’s Day I was actually thinking because we’re still on our recession budgets, so we don’t take vacations, we take naps. I was thinking that a very sexy nap would be much less fattening than chocolate and dinner, so that’s what I’m going to say to my husband that we should be doing this year- sexy napping. It’s also really restful, and I have to say between our carpool and working and everything I could use that too. And the second thing I’m going to do is I’m going to write my husband a love letter, that’s also another inexpensive idea for Valentine’s Day. And I think with all the texting and emailing we all do, most of my texts to my husband read like this- they’re not like I love you, honey; they’re like ‘I’m stuck in traffic, can you get the carpool?’ A love letter is going to go a long time for the next time we’re arguing, he’s going to be able to pull out that love letter and stay ‘Oh, I still really love her, we’re arguing now, but she wrote me a love letter.’ I think it’s a really memorable and sweet gift to give someone particularly in this age of technology. So that’s my recession proof Valentine’s Day gift to give someone in particularly this age of technology. So that’s my recession proof Valentine’s Day suggestions.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any other tips for couples this Valentine’s Day?

Annabelle Gurwitch: “Well, one thing I think is really important is if you’ve been with someone for more than one night, having a sense of humor I think is really essential. And then when you’ve been married for 16 years  or have been dating for a week you have to have a sense of humor or you’ll never survive. That’s one thing I think my husband and I have both learned. Sense of humor is more important than just about anything else because if you’re not laughing, you might be crying. Relationships are not easy.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Annabelle Gurwitch: “The Liquid Plumr Facebook page has some really funny and creative and out of the box solutions to make cleaning more efficient and surprisingly more romantic. And what can I say Candie? I tried it, it worked and I’m all for it.”


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