How to Combat Weekend Overindulging with Dr. Antoinette Cheney, DO

We’re all guilty of overindulging on unhealthy food and drinks, especially during the holidays, get-togethers with family and friends, parties and outings on the weekend. With the Academy Awards (Oscars) on Sunday night many of us will be dressing up and heading out in celebration of our favorite films and actors, but unlike many of the nominees who will be attending the award show in Hollywood, we all have to get up bright and early on Monday morning to face the day. What’s a movie buff to do? Osteopathic family physician, Dr. Antoinette Cheney joined me recently to share simple tips on how we can feel energized and look our best the day after the biggest film soiree and award show of the year!

Osteopathic physician Dr. Antoinette Cheney on combating weekend overindulging

Osteopathic family physician, Dr. Antoinette Cheney shares tips for combating weekend overindulging just in time for the Oscars! Image courtesy of

Candace Rose: With award show season upon us and the Oscars less than a week away many of us will be overindulging on unhealthy food and not getting enough sleep. What can we do to ensure we feel our best on Monday morning?

Dr. Antoinette Cheney, DO: “Well, you just have to prep yourself to know that you’re going to have a ‘cheat day’.  You want to prep yourself a couple days in advance by getting enough sleep and making sure you’re getting enough fluids. I usually recommend that any day you’re going to have a cheat day or you know you’re probably going to be overindulging, that you should try to get up at the same time that you always do, try to get a nice workout in that morning, and eat the way that you normally would.

I think a lot of people think they’re going to be eating a lot later in the day so they tend to save up all their calories for the end of the day, and that just leads to overeating, especially if you’re going to be drinking alcohol along with it because usually you’re hand in hand with your choices as well. So I usually say get up at your regular time, drink plenty of water during the day, make sure you get some kind of workout in, and make sure you eat healthfully during that day by including a nice mix of protein so you’re not as hungry later. By doing that you’re setting yourself up for at least feeling okay about a little bit of overindulgence other than feeling doubly guilty about it.”

Candace Rose: Do you advise we take vitamins and supplements before the big party?

Dr. Antoinette Cheney, DO: “I wouldn’t take something that you don’t normally take- if you end up taking something that you don’t normally take then you don’t know how you’ll react to it. Certainly I wouldn’t say ‘I’m going to be up late tonight so I’m going to try an energy drink for the first time,’ and it’s the first time you have one and have some kind of adverse reaction to it. That would make for a bad thing. If it’s something that you take every once in a while that you’re used to and you feel comfortable taking, then I think that’s okay. I wouldn’t advise anything new. It’s like wearing a pair of new running shoes on the day of a race.”

Candace Rose: Is there anything that we can do on Sunday night after the party to ensure that we’re okay on Monday morning?

Dr. Antoinette Cheney, DO: “I guess it just depends on how much damage you’ve done. Obviously if you’re drinking a lot of alcohol and such, properly hydrating afterwards. I usually say if you’re going to drink alcohol try to make it one alcoholic beverage followed by one full glass of water or one alcoholic beverage in between. Make sure you drink enough water before you go to bed. As far as eating goes, you kind of have to let your stomach settle and get up in the morning and have a regular breakfast. But you would just have to wait for your stomach to settle I suppose.”

Candace Rose: On Monday morning should we hit snooze a few times or do you advise that we get a workout in?

Dr. Antoinette Cheney, DO: “I would try to stick to your routine as much as possible. I wouldn’t hit snooze too many times (I’d hit it once). And you’re just going to have to know that Monday you’re probably not going to be on your A-game. I would just try to plan accordingly so you don’t overbook yourself on Monday so you can afford to not slack off, but maybe not be as in demand as you’d normally be.”


Candace Rose: When it comes to beverages should we have a cup of coffee to get energized or should we just stick to water all day?

Dr. Antoinette Cheney, DO: “I’m not going to say that I don’t enjoy a stiff cup of coffee in the morning after that happens, but I think as long as you do that every once in a while that’s okay. If you normally drink a cup of coffee, you should have it anyway because you don’t want to get a caffeine withdrawal headache. So if you normally have one, then I would have one. If you happen to have one extra one, I don’t think that’s the worst thing in the world, as long as you don’t make a habit of it. You should be drinking more water than usual that day, but I would stick to just water. If you feel like you need some caffeine there’s not a problem with having a glass or two in the morning.”

  Sweet Peas & Coffee According to Osteopathic family physician, Dr. Antoinette Cheney, there’s no harm in having your usual cup of coffee the day after overindulging if that’s what you’re used to.

Candace Rose: Is there anything else you can do to keep yourself (somewhat) energized throughout the rest of the day?

Dr. Antoinette Cheney, DO: “I would advise taking frequent breaks, like maybe every hour get up and take a little five minute walk around the the office or if you can get outside at lunchtime to get fresh air. Just do some things so that you’re not sitting and staring at a screen all day long. I think it’s good to get up and get moving around a little bit.

If you are going to do a workout that day, take some gym clothes with you, and after work do something very light, or maybe that’s going to be your skip day for the week. But I would advise getting up and moving around during the day even if it’s just getting up to stretch your legs and take a walk, and even if it’s just a change of scenery.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Dr. Antoinette Cheney, DO: “I just think you’re better off prepping yourself in advance and knowing what to expect, and plan accordingly. Having a general game plan and knowing how you’re going to feel and planning your workload accordingly is always good.”

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