5 New Mom Must Haves with Pregnancy Magazine’s Michelle Lee

Are you a new mom or mom-to-be in search of the latest and greatest products? If so, you’re in luck! Pregnancy magazine’s products editor, Michelle Lee joined me recently to dish on the must have 3-in-1 stroller every new mom needs, products that will help your baby sleep better, eat well and prevent colic.


Pregnancy magazine's products editor Michelle Lee dishes her top five products for new moms.

Pregnancy magazine’s products editor Michelle Lee dishes her top five products for new moms.



Candace Rose: What are the must haves every new mom needs and where do we start?

Michelle Lee: “Let’s go ahead and start with strollers. When you’re choosing a stroller it’s important to find something that’s lightweight and easy to use, and it’s a huge bonus if it’s also multipurpose. The 3-in-1 stroller from Graco called the Graco Modes Click Connect stroller is excellent in that it is a lightweight stroller frame that you can dock your car seat into as well as providing you with the actual stroller seat that can recline all the way for a sleeping infant as well as being pulled upright for a toddler. And you can remove the snack tray so that your child (when they reach toddler age) can actually climb in and out of the stroller by themselves and exercise some of that independence. In all of these modes the seats can either face you or you can turn them around so they face outward- great options for the baby. They have a lot of great storage space, they’re easy to maneuver and you can fold them up with one hand, which is so key. And they automatically lock into place so they stay folded. You can find out about the stroller at GracoBaby.com.


In addition, I have some feeding and sleep products to show you and these are also great for keeping the baby calm. First off Born Free is a company that pioneered the first BPA chemical free bottle, and this is highly important to me as a mom. In addition these bottles have a special active flow venting technology to reduce gas pain symptoms as well as spit up and crying and fussing, all of these signs that are usually associated with colic. It also lets baby control milk flow and it mimics the natural flow of the mom. So if you happen to be breastfeeding at the same time, this helps reduce any kind of nipple confusion. March is colic awareness month and 80% of moms really swear by the bottle being a huge difference in how fussy their baby is, so this is an important decision to make.


We also know that babies use sucking as a method of calming themselves, so having a good pacifier is also great. Born Free makes the Bliss pacifiers which have two handle options as well as a natural shape nipple that matches the nipple on the bottle, so the consistency between those two products is great. It also comes in really cute colors and patterns.


Another feeding pattern from Born Free is the Bliss Feeding Pillow, and this helps raise your child to a comfortable level for both mom and baby, as well as providing a nice level of incline which helps with digestion.


Baby wrapped up in Summer Infant Swaddle Me wraps.

Baby wrapped up in Summer Infant Swaddle Me wraps.


And then to cover a sleep product, the Summer Infant Swaddle Me wraps are excellent for keeping your baby really cozy. It again helps with calmness, keeps the baby warm and reduces any danger of having loose blankets around your crib, and so much easier for mom and dad to be able to swaddle baby, it’s much easier than the blanket. Find out about the sleep products and feeding products at NewbornFree.com/Colic-Awareness. Also if you’d like any tips about pregnancy and getting through that first year with baby, Pregnancy.com is a great resource for you.”


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