Interview: Red Carpet Hair and Makeup Trends and with Celebrity Makeup Artist Mickey Williams

Were you inspired by the makeup and hair trends and flawless looks on the red carpet at the Golden Globes?

Makeup artist Mickey Williams joined me yesterday to not only dish on the top trends we saw at the Golden Globes on Sunday, but to talk the trends we’ll be seeing at the Oscars and award shows throughout the season. If you’ve ever wondered how celebs get those gorgeous gams, glowing skin, perfect coifs and stunning makeup, but think it costs an arm and a leg to recreate it, you will be pleasantly surprised to hear about the drugstore must haves you’ll want to add to your medicine cabinet and makeup bag!



Celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams dishes on the top red carpet makeup trends and must haves!

Celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams dishes on the top award show red carpet makeup trends and must haves! Image courtesy of


Candace Rose: What’s the secret to getting that glam look that we’ve all been seeing on the red carpet?

Mickey Williams: “I think the secret is to manage your expectations. A celebrity has a team of people that are working on them- they have trainers, they have hair colorists, they have hair stylists, they have a stylist that is fitting them in their gown, they have someone that’s zipping their gown. I feel that when they walk down the red carpet they look absolutely perfect because everything has been put in place. So I want people to manage their expectations. Look at some of the trends that are going on out there and get on board with those now to have those as an everlasting effect. But also, don’t think that you have to go out and spend all of this money on creating this look when you would really need a team to do it. I don’t know anybody who has that kind of funding out there beyond a celebrity, so I want to kind of bring it back to the basics. So I partnered a couple products that are trends and basics to get you glam.

So first of all we’ve been seeing incredible hemlines. We’re seeing short dresses, even the incredibly glamorous celebrity, we’re seeing in shorter dresses! We’re also seeing an amazing slit in the skirt. I think you saw that a couple of times at the Golden Globes. And then when we ask these celebrities ‘How do you get these amazing gorgeous toned legs?’ They always come across with ‘Oh, it’s my personal trainer, he’s amazing; you know him, he’s a celebrity in his own right.’ Or they say ‘Oh, I was just born this way’ which is just so annoying. But then you ask them ‘Hey, how do you get that really smooth look to your legs?’ I just read this in a magazine not too long ago, and it drove me crazy- the celebrity was like ‘Well, I had laser hair removal and I’ve had every hair removed.’ And I think a lot of people ran out to see if they could get this service done and it’s kind of impractical for me and for a lot of people out there. It’s really expensive, Candace. You’ve probably heard about it before, it’s crazy expensive. So I want to kind of remind people out there that you have to go back to the basics, and ladies you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on hair removal, you can just shave again. It’s kind of one more thing to take you back to basics. But maybe you’ve been shaving and you haven’t found the right razor? The Bic Soleil Savvy has the convenience of a refillable cartridge system and the value of a disposable razor. So think about this, you have a disposable razor with four refillable cartridges. But here’s what great, the handle has an ergo grip on it so you can get around all of those hard to hit areas like around the knees, around the ankles and the little thing that dips in around your arm. You’re going to get that flawlessly smooth shave for $7.49, Candace, at your drugstore, rather than thousands of dollars at your med spa.


Bic Soleil Savvy razor

Bic Soleil Savvy razor


Did you notice this trend on the red carpet, because I did and it makes me so happy- we’re looking at more natural looking hair again. It’s shiny, the colors aren’t crazy and it looks like everybody is bringing their hair color back to the natural looking trend which is wonderful, and we can actually thank Wella for that. Wella Professionals recently launched their Illumina Color, it’s a permanent hair color that delivers natural luminous results, and leaves your hair closest to its natural virgin state, meaning it’s a permanent hair color without creating permanent damage. We saw this all over the red carpet, we saw healthy looking hair. It has a 100% gray coverage, but what it does is leaves a translucent gorgeous glow to your hair that looks natural, doesn’t give you that zapped fried hair look. We’re seeing celebrities flocking to this, we’ve got January Jones, Gerard Butler is a fan, and Rebecca Romijn’s hair who is always ridiculously gorgeous. This is where you might want to spend an extra dollar to go to a salon and we’re still seeing women going to salons to color their hair in majority as it is so here’s the new trend there and one way to mimic it.


Wella Professionals Illumina Color

Wella Professionals Illumina Color


Everyone always asks me, ‘How do they get that glow to their skin? When they walk out they just look like they’re luminous and glowing?’ And I’m like ‘Honey, that’s makeup, that’s what I’m doing.’ We’re creating that casting glow on their skin; they didn’t roll out of bed looking like that. So everyone says ‘When you show up, and you open up your kit, is everything inside super luxury brand?’ And the answer is, everything in my kit is luxurious but it doesn’t have to come at the price. I love drugstore beauty because I use so much makeup, it’s affordable and I get just the quality that I want from a drugstore than I can from a luxury brand sometimes or all the time, really. I love Physician’s Formula, their Sexy Booster collection- you’ve got a bronzer, you’ve got a blush, you’ve also got these lip stains which are incredible. The bronzer has a gold finish, and that is going to give a radiance on your cheeks. But even with that blush you’re going to see that perfect amount of shimmers in there to create that kind of glow. What’s also super cool about this Sexy Booster collection is they ingredients that mimic pheromones so you’re kind of feeling sexy and looking sexy at the same time. Also they have a warm vanilla scent, and when I put it on people they really like the way that it smells. It has a little brush in the back too.”


Candace Rose: Is there another area we should be focusing on?

Mickey Williams: “This is actually something that we’re privy too now and that we’re actually better off than the celebrities for this so I don’t know if you remember a year or so ago the trend of celebrities going out and maybe they were making a comeback or had to get red carpet ready, we also saw athletes doing it and they were getting synthetic HGH shots and they were saying it was a fountain of youth and it was amazing and they came back and they look 10 years younger, and they were gorgeous and slender and saying ‘Oh, I went on the right diet.’ And we all knew they were doing this crazy HGH injections that were synthetic. They really didn’t even know what the side effects were going to be. It’s unbelievable. We now have a natural form of HGH in SeroVital. SeroVital is basically a supplement that you can take that’s going to stimulate your pituitary gland and it’s going to make you mimic that fountain of youth that those harsh injections that they were doing in a natural form. You take four capsules a day, it’s not a really commitment. If you’re taking your vitamin, you can take this. Your hair grows better, you have more endurance, your skin looks better, your nails grow, you sleep better. I wanted to take it before I started talking about it; I’ve been on it for four weeks and it’s pretty amazing. It’s something that’s completely natural, it’s safe. You can get it at Ulta stores.”

Candace Rose: Are there any other secrets to make you feel like a star?

Mickey Williams: “Honestly, I want to always say this because I think when they look at a celebrity and say ‘She’s so beautiful, she’s so….” Half the time celebrities aren’t as tall as you think they are, they aren’t as thin as you think they are. Just be really comfortable with yourself because there’s a team of people out there that are pulling every inch of this person to get them in a dress. There’s a team out there that’s basically sculpting every bone in their body. Before they even started putting makeup on them they airbrush tanned them and sculpted them that way. Be practical with what you want. If you want to spend the time and do all of that as an average person like me or you, then that’s great, that’s your passion and go for it. But I think that natural beauty is gorgeous. You can be gorgeous on the go.

So for special events here’s some great tips and tricks for you, but when you’re just kind of hanging out, glamour doesn’t take much time.”

Candace Rose: We know how popular nail art has been, what trends are you seeing?

Mickey Williams: “I can’t believe how big the trend of a press on nail was last year. We brought those back from when I was a kid. When I was a kid I begged my mother for press on nails and she was like ‘What?’ Remember those bad boys? I wanted them as long as I couldn’t even write. I was walking around and couldn’t even open the refrigerator, I was clawing things. It’s funny because that went away for so long and now we can change our nail style daily by using a press on nail? You can put it on so it’s not super tight. I’m wearing a press on nail. Your nails are changing with your mood, it’s kind of fun. We’re seeing everyone doing their own nails again which is really fun. You have all these gadgets. I remember someone said to me- ‘I have all these gadgets that I want to paint my nails but I feel really guilty taking it into the nail salon and asking her to do it, and then I wonder how much is she going to charge me?’ I’m like, ‘So call your girlfriends over and have a nail party.’

Also, the lip trend has really been evolving too. We’ve seen everything from these really gorgeous bright glosses, we saw beautiful tangerines and they molded into these berries and these reds. Now we’re into a matte lip. In fall we went into a dark brown. We’re going to see brown coming back through but it’s going to fade out into a complete naked nude look. It’s like all these lip looks are evolving. Lips I think are going to be the new nail.”


Candace Rose: So we’re going to see more of a nude lip look this year?

Mickey Williams: “Yeah, we’ve seen it already on the red carpet, because you have to remember a lot of the artists are working on the red carpet are the same artists that are behind fashion week. We’re seeing fashion week being put out there a season before it’s the actual season. So when we put a celebrity on a red carpet she’s already trending. We’ve already had those trends on a runway. So when a makeup artist gets his celebrity he’s going to put her in a trend to make her like a style forecaster. We saw beautiful nude lips, and gorgeous eyes.

Really pretty eyes in those earth and green, emerald and jewel kind of those natural shimmery bronzy. Just lots of fun. Makeup’s fun again, right?!”


Candace Rose: It is. Hair is too, so I’m excited!

Mickey Williams: “The hair was beautiful on the red carpet, I loved it. I love the side sweeps and we’re allowed to wear our hair long again, but we still have a lot of short styles. And again, that color has just gotten back to that natural glossy look which is so much better than that flat horrible pressed on color.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Mickey Williams: “You can actually find all of this information on my website If you want to find out about these specific products you can go to the red carpet beauty tab and just hit that, and I have all of this listed. And basically enjoy the award season, it’s a lot of fun.

Dress up for awards parties, it’s so much more fun when you dress up for it. Even if you just put your hair in a clip or something and throw on some false lashes it’s just fun. It’s a reason to sit around and gossip and gather and kind of look at what’s out there and it’s a great staple for what’s to come.”



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