Interview: New Year, New You Beauty and Hair Trends with Beauty Expert Polly Blitzer

Are you looking to update your look and beauty routine in 2013? If looking great in less time and on the cheap is what you have in mind, you’re in luck! Beauty editor Polly Blitzer tests over 1,000 beauty products a month and she joined me yesterday to give YOU the scoop on the latest trends in skincare, beauty, hair and nails and the must have products to have you looking your best this year!


Beauty editor Polly Blitzer talks the top hair, makeup, skincare and nail trends for 2013!

Beauty editor Polly Blitzer talks the top hair, skincare, makeup and nail trends for 2013!





Candace Rose: What’s the secret to looking and feeling great in the new year?

Polly Blitzer: “Well, this time of year everyone is looking to reinvent themselves and maybe make resolutions about looking and feeling their best and it’s hard to find a product that really works. I test over 1,000 products a month and search for the best, and 2013 is going to be the year of the gorgeous!


The first is skincare. A lot of people are looking for organic lines or green lines but they don’t really know which ones work, and there are so many to choose from it gets confusing. Nourish Organic Food for Healthy Skin is a great line. It’s the first beauty line to get the USDA Organic Certification because it’s made with organic plant and fruit and vegetable extracts and organic essential oils. It comes in so many different varieties: organic body butter, hand cream, hand wash, organic deodorant; and in incredible scents like fresh fig, lavender, mint, wild berry and not like the typical. The packaging is so beautiful it’s almost like bathroom counter candy, you can just have them all displayed out it’s incredible.Everything is under $10 and available at ULTA stores nationwide so it’s affordable as well.



Nourish Organic Food for Healthy Skin beauty products

Nourish Organic Food for Healthy Skin beauty products



The next is makeup. Candace, in my entire career as a beauty editor I have yet to meet one woman who says ‘Polly, can you give me a tip on making my beauty routine take longer? Can I waste some time?’ Everyone wants to save time and have it take less time, so Maybelline New York is one of those brands that just consistently launches products that are a 2-in-1 or a 3-in-1, but does both things or all three things really well. Sometimes you’ll see things that are a threefer but it doesn’t do all the things well and you end up having to waste more time correcting the issues. So Maybelline New York has this acclaimed line called Instant Age Rewind and all the beauty editors are buzzing about it and it’s winning lots of awards, but they have three new breakthrough products. The first is called The Lifter. It’s a foundation that evens your skin tone but it’s formulated with lifting and firming properties which is a skincare product, and then it also contains a primer so you get that smooth surface that gives you a canvas to apply the rest of your makeup on top of. But for on the go they have this product called The Perfector. It’s a powder compact but the powder doesn’t make your skin look kind of dusty the way that some powders do- it gives you that dusty finish like you’ve been baking a cake in the kitchen and the flour flew everywhere. This actually is formulated with shea butter so you just get a polished look to your skin, and is very satiny so you’re totally on trend for spring 2013. And then it also contains a jojoba based primer so you won’t get that caked on look if you touch up and touch up throughout the day, it’ll just be very sheer. And finally, I love this product called The Eraser which is like a cute little wand and it contains a fuzzy pink top that dispenses concealer to instantly cover dark spots but then it also contains a vitamin C treatment so that it can diminish the look of dark spots over time, and everything is under $14 and available at drugstores nationwide. So that’s your skincare in a nutshell for the makeup side of it.



Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind The Eraser

Maybelline New York Instant Age Rewind The Eraser



And for hair, Candace, men and women alike are always looking for the next best thing in haircare and this new line called Vidal Sassoon Pro Series is really fantastic. You’re not going to believe the price, but every product is $5 which is a total steal (except for the hair color kit which is only $9). So imagine being able to spend only that for products that last you time and time again. You don’t have to make an appointment at a salon and pay those prices, you can get the look at home without beauty school. And it’s for hair color, hair care and hair styling. My favorite from this collection is actually called the Repair & Finish Spray because I often find with hair sprays that they dry out your hair and especially this time of the year, in the winter when it’s so dry and cold out your hair can be brittle and won’t obey your commands- I’ll be like ‘Come on stay, don’t frizz’ and it won’t listen. It’s rebellious, and I think that’s because the hair isn’t nourished. This spray repairs the hair but also gives you holding properties without that crunchiness.



Vidal Sassoon Pro Series hair products

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series hair products



So from head to toe you’ve got everything covered here!


Candace Rose: What are some of your favorite makeup and hair trends for 2013?

Polly Blitzer: “Well, I love the bold lip. I think it’s fun to play around with different textures; you don’t have to go so satiny and saturated, you can do one of these gloss balms.

I love that we’re going back to sort of natural looking organic hair instead of prissy hair which requires too much perfection. There’s no room for error.

I love that nude nails are back. The trick to wearing nude nails is to look for a shade that’s NOT exactly matching your skin tone because then you’ll look like you have mannequin hands. Look for something that’s ever so slightly pinker or a bit of gray or a bit of yellow. And nail art is great, and it’s going to continue but a lot of the runways had nude nails and that just lets you play with the rest of your look without sort of the frustration and the time consuming element of decorating your fingertips.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Polly Blitzer: “I’m all for simplification and I feel that a lot of brands (you just have to pick carefully) are simplifying the regimen and routine so you can press snooze on the alarm clock and still get ready and look gorgeous in a couple of minutes.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Polly Blitzer: “For more information you can log onto or”









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