Interview: Combatting Stress and Getting Healthy with Naturopathic Doctor and “Myth Defying with Dr. Holly” Host Dr. Holly Lucille

It’s no secret that stress is everywhere these days, and although we can’t escape it entirely, proper nutrition has been shown to help make a difference. Licensed naturopathic doctor and “Myth Defying with Dr. Holly” host, Dr. Holly Lucille joined me recently to share tips on how to combat stress with diet, the best way to prepare cooked/roasted vegetables, the benefits of using a loofah sponge and whether or not new year’s resolutions really work!


Myth Defying with Dr. Holly host, Dr. Holly Christine. Be sure to tune into Holly's new show on Veria starting on January 28th! Image credit Jason Rodgers for Veria Living

Myth Defying with Dr. Holly host, Dr. Holly Lucille. Be sure to tune into Holly’s new show on Veria starting on January 28th! Image credit Jason Rodgers for Veria Living



Preview of Dr. Holly’s new show “Myth Defying with Dr. Holly”!


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Candace Rose: Coconut oil has been gaining popularity over the last few years, do you suggest we use this type of oil when cooking/roasting vegetables? How much should we incorporate into our diet?

Dr. Holly Lucille: “Coconut oil is one of the best oils to cook with. Due to its chemical structure, it can take the heat much better than the popular olive oils and is less subject to oxidation. A couple tablespoons a day would be sufficient.”


Candace Rose: In addition to eating great, you also recommend using a loofah sponge. Can you tell us about it? How does it work, and is this something we can just pick up at the drugstore or is there a specific one you recommend?

Dr. Holly Lucille: “I recommend a loofah sponge for something called “Dry Skin Brushing”. This is a great technique that I do twice a day for about three minutes over my whole body, brushing towards the heart while your skin is dry. It increases circulation, breaks up adipose (fat) tissue and exfoliates your skin. It is certainly something that you can pick up at the local drugstore.”

Candace Rose: Stress is everywhere these days. Are there any foods you recommend to help combat stress and anxiety?

Dr. Holly Lucille: “Yes! Leafy greens like swiss chard are high in magnesium, an essential mineral for proper adrenal (stress gland) function. Foods that are high in vitamin C like yellow and red peppers, as well as fatty foods like salmon and almonds that  help keep blood sugar stable and provide health fats are essential for combating stress. Stay way from sugary and refined foods as well as caffeine and alcohol.”

Candace Rose: Many of us have made New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier this year. What can we do to ensure we stick to our resolutions once and for all?

Dr. Holly Lucille: “Don’t make them. It is a set up in my opinion…for failure….January 2nd is no different than any other day in your life. My suggestion is to view your life and your health as a bank account. If you are in debt or have a desire to have a better “savings account” then make a long term budget where you make more deposits than withdrawals and slowly but surely get out of the red, get into the black and truly become healthy!”




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