Interview: CES 2013 Day One Technology Must Haves with Tech Expert Brett Larson

Whether you’re a techie or someone who loves the latest tech gadget, toy or appliance, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas has something for everybody. Tech expert Brett Larson joined me today live from the Exhibit Floor on the opening day of CES to share the top products we’ll all be coveting in the new year!



Tech expert Brett Larson joined Candace Rose live from the exhibit floor of the Consumer Electronics Show to dish on the top tech products for 2013!

Tech expert Brett Larson joined Candace Rose live from the exhibit floor of the Consumer Electronics Show to dish on the top technology products for 2013!








Candace Rose: What should we be on the lookout for from this year’s CES?

Brett Larson: At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show we’re seeing what we always love to see and that’s new big TVs. We’ve got a great one from Samsung it’s their F 8500 Smart Plasma TV and if you take a look at the picture that it’s going to give you- it’s got those nice dark blacks which give you really bright clear picture for a plasma TV. It is a smart TV so that means you’re also going to get access to things like Hulu Plus, Netflix streaming, HBO Go, and it’s going to learn what you like as you go so it’ll make content recommendations as you use the TV more and more. And it’s also upgradable so you won’t have a TV that’s out of date a few weeks after you take it out of the store.



Samsung F 8500 Smart Plasma TV

Samsung F 8500 Smart Plasma TV



So some cool home automation, home safety stuff we’re seeing come out of the show- from Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt. It’s got the touchscreen on the front so if you unlock it from the back (please see video for more details). With a push of a button your door is locked, and you push that same button to punch in your code and it will unlock the door for you. Here’s what great about it- the fingerprint resistant touchscreen so it’s not going to keep tabs onto what you’ve been touching. It also has an alarm on it so it’ll alert you if someone is standing in front of your door and it plugs into Nexia Home Intelligence Home Automation System so you can unlock and lock your doors from far away from home. You can also interface with other products from Nexia Intelligence like the Trained ComfortLink II Control which is going to control your heating and air conditioning so you can literally set it up such that when your kids get home they call you and you say ‘Great, you’re there I’m going to unlock the door and I’m going to turn on the air conditioning’. So that’s very cool.



Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt



And Candie, with these smart devices what we’re seeing a need for is more internet connectivity and more wireless connections and that’s really straining our home wireless network. So we have a solution from Linksys we have their Smart Wi-Fi. What I like about this Smart Wi-Fi is there’s a lot of different choices, there’s not just one size fits all. Whether you’ve got a couple computers or a lot of devices it’s also incredibly easy to use. There’s software in the router, setting them up is easy and setting your parental controls is easy. You can keep kids off of sites that they’re not supposed to go to. There’s even a media prioritization setting so you can say I want my TV to have access priority over everything else because when I’m watching streaming video I don’t want it to be interrupted by a computer checking email or what have you. These are AC devices so it’s wireless AC, that faster standard so we’ve definitely covered all your basics there for getting connected.



Smart Wi-Fi

Linksys Smart Wi-Fi



This is very cool, this is the convergence of technology and something that many people may already have in their home- this is the Dreamweaver XE from Brother, it’s a quilting, sewing and embroidery machine. It’s got a touchscreen on the front, it’s got a laser guide on it- this is the Sew Straight Laser Vision Guide so it puts the laser down on the fabric, keeps your sewing completely straight. And there’s this V-Sonic Pen Pal- it’s a touch system so you say on the fabric I want to start here and I want to end there, and then when you hit the button it’s going to do the sewing for you there. It pulls the fabric through, speeds up and then stops right where it’s told to stop and you’re all set to go.



Brother Dreamweaver XE sewing machine

Brother Dreamweaver XE sewing machine



Some really cool stuff coming out of the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas.”


Candace Rose: When will all of these products be available to the public?

Brett Larson: “Everything that we’ve shown is available now. The Linksys router and the Samsung television will come out in the first quarter of this year.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Brett Larson: “Just stay close to we will be talking about all this great stuff, and so much more as the show continues over the next couple of days.”


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