Interview: TV Star, Mom and Designer Rosie Pope Dishes On the Top Gift on Women’s Holiday Wish List!

Are you one of the millions who skimps on sleep every night? Do you wish there were more hours in the day, just so you could pull a nap in? Busy mom of three, fashion designer and TV star Rosie Pope, most famously of Bravo’s “Pregnant In Heels” joined me yesterday to dish on one of the most important holiday gifts women are asking for this year- sleep. She discussed simple tips for obtaining quality sleep to the perfect gift for the insomniac on your list, and more!


Reality TV star Rosie Pope dishes on the top gift on women's holiday wish list this year: sleep!

Reality TV star Rosie Pope dishes on the top gift on women’s holiday wish list this year: sleep!








Candace Rose: Sleep is so important, yet it is so easy to skimp on it. When was the “aha moment” and you realized sleep had to be a priority?

Rosie Pope: “I have three kids, four and under so there are quite a few sleepless nights there and I work a lot. I really cherish the moments in the morning with my kids before I have to work and I found that I was just so tired and groggy every morning, and constantly thinking about how I was going to fit a nap in later in the day, which is totally unrealistic. I realized I had to find a better way to sleep either more hours and/or better quality.”

Candace Rose: How can we tell if we’re not getting enough sleep, especially during the holidays. Are there specific signs we should look for?

Rosie Pope: “The first sign is you should wake up feeling great and ready for the day. I think most of us wake up feeling pretty groggy and searching for that cup of coffee to get us going. The second thing is you can be irritable, not have enough patience. All these things are really signs that sleep could be something you should really think about improving on.”


Candace Rose: Can you tell us about Sleep Numbers new survey?

Rosie Pope: “Yeah, they actually did a survey that I find fascinating, and they found that women would prefer a good night sleep instead of a massage, a yoga class or even a glass of wine and a nice book. It’s clearly really important to us!”

Candace Rose: What is the number one most relaxing, comforting gift women want this season?

Rosie Pope: “I think there’s lots of things that could be amazing. I do think personally for myself, and for the women who did the survey, the gift of sleep is a great thing. If you give the gift of sleep by giving them products like pillows or mattresses you can get at to help you sleep, but also personalizing your sleep environment, so the bedroom becomes a sanctuary and a place you want to be. You can do that with candles and beautiful throws and pillows, and just make it a lovely place for your loved one to be this year. So you can wrap all those things up, put them under the tree.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Rosie Pope: “Yeah, I think what you really need to think about when it comes to sleep is you have to be able to turn out. In today’s world we have the TV on, we have our iPhones and Blackberries open; we’re on the iPad- we do all these different things before we go to bed and it’s just really important to allow ourselves enough time before we fall asleep to relax. And you have to work that into your schedule. It’s not something that’s just going to happen. But keeping sleep top of mind, and keeping a good sleep routine is going to be something that’s really important to keep your sanity during the holidays.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Rosie Pope: “You can go to and also to any one of their 400 stores.”

Candace Rose: Where can your fans go for more information on you, Rosie?

Rosie Pope: “They can go to and find everything about me, everything that I do- my blog; follow me on Twitter, Facebook. You can see I’m addicted to social media, so I’m probably doing that before I go to bed. is the best place to find me.”


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