Interview: The Top High-Tech Toys and Games For Kids and Grownups with Tech Expert Scott Steinberg

Do you remember when you were a kid and you couldn’t wait until a certain new gaming system came out or the latest version of Super Mario Bros was on sale? I know I couldn’t. Technology is still as popular as ever and evolving constantly, especially when it comes to tablets and gaming systems. Tech expert Scott Steinberg joined me yesterday to talk about the must have toys, gadgets and games kids of all ages will be asking for this holiday season!







Candace Rose: What is apptivity and is this something that should be on all of our holiday wish lists?

Scott Steinberg: “Well, apptivity is really neat. It’s toy meets iPad. This is cool, it’s from Mattel, and basically kids get new versions of all their physical toys- things like Hot Wheels, Batman of course, Fisher Price and they interact with iPad apps. So the toys all have touch points on the bottom, and when you touch them to the iPad’s screen, these apps which you can download free from iTunes, you actually use the toy to control the games. So apptivity is really cool and it works for every single iPad except the iPad mini. So this is definitely a good one for families.

If you are also checking out gifts for high-tech gifts I would also check out the Leapster GS. This is really great. It’s the latest in the award winning Leapster family. It’s a handheld educational video game system, so it keeps kids engaged with learning, and because it’s got fast action play, motion controls, on top of that, you also get a built-in camera and video camera. It plays hundreds of games, movies, videos and it’s nice because it’s kid tough design. Parents like that because you can take it to the playground. It’s got kid friendly controls on it. It’s really a cool choice as well.”



Candace Rose: Are there any other must haves for kids this holiday season?

Scott Steinberg: “If you’re shopping for kids, also check out things like the Wii U or the Nintendo 3DS XL which has two screens that are 90% larger than those found on the Nintendo 3DS, so you get even more great 3D detail there. And the Wii U of course has a tablet light controller, so it’s very easy to access. The nice part is you can play games on the tablet while somebody else is watching TV which is good if you don’t want to be watching Super Mario Bros. when you’re trying to catch a program.”

Candace Rose: What are some great gift ideas for the grownup on your list?

Scott Steinberg: “Sony’s Xperia TL is so slick that James Bond himself uses it. It’s making its movie debut, so it’s cool. It’s got a 13 megapixel fast capture camera on it so it goes from sleek to snap in literally just over a second.Plus you get a gorgeous HD reality screen. It’s 4.6 inches and on top of that, you can set different profiles on your phone with just one touch. It’s $99 bucks at AT&T with a two year contract.

If you have a gamer on your list this is the latest in high-tech audio headsets that gives you killer audio from Turtle Beach. The Ear Force Tango is custom designed for Call of Duty Black Ops 2, which game developers helped design exclusive in game audio. It delivers Dolby surround sound, works with PX3 and Xbox 360.

You can also try the Ear Force Kilo. If you’ve got a Mac or a PC it’ll work with those. Also PS3 and Xbox 360. It has killer stereo sound.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Scott Steinberg: “You can go to or you can see our website”


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