Interview: Technology Expert Steve Truitt’s Favorite Tech Innovations of 2012

Tech expert Steve Truitt joined me this morning to discuss the top innovations of 2012! From a hands-free faucet for your kitchen sink, to a lightweight wireless printer, to a palm massager for fitness aficionados ,to the latest fashion and even the hottest tech and fashion trends we’ll be seeing in 2013, and much more!


Tech expert Steve Truitt with the top innovations in 2012. Image courtesy of

Tech expert Steve Truitt with the top innovations in 2012. Image courtesy of




Candace Rose: When we look back at 2012, what would you say was the theme of the year?

Steve Truitt: “Innovation and trends. Everyone is always trying to get ahead of the game here, and I think especially in 2012 and seeing the tablet market explode and personal handheld devices explode. Innovation is always going to be important, it’s always going to popular so I found quite a few diverse items and innovations that really stood out in 2012 and we’re going to start out with a product that you take for granted in your own home, and that’s your kitchen faucet. The hands-free faucet from Moen with motionsense. You just put your hands in front of the motion sensor- there are two of them on the faucet and it immediately activates the water. You can check out


Now in terms of innovations electronically, like I said we’ve seen the iPad mini and we’ve seen the Galaxy come out and the tablet market, and you also need to print out stuff. You still use printer, fax and scanner- the Brother Business Series Inkjet is really the greatest printer that you can have right now. It’s the smallest, fastest printer in its class. It’s low cost, fast speed, it can print and can scan. It’s got a touchscreen front which is really great. It’s wireless so you can print anywhere in your house so you don’t have to connect it to your computer. It also prints 11 x 17 paper as well as the 8.5 x 100.


Sticking with electronics, but getting in the world of the physical for all the athletes out there. Anyone who has ever run or worked out has felt muscle pain or some muscle injury, and that’s what the Palm Massager is here to do, to relieve that for you. It’s an electronic palm massager that is something you’d find in a chiropractors office or maybe in a physical therapist office. It delivers an electronic pulse to the affected muscles. There are six types of pulses to bring blood flow back to the muscle and help it heal faster. It’s totally affordable at $199.


You can’t talk about innovations without talking about style. Dockers has come up with a really great innovation for their pants line, it’s their Design Hybrid by Dockers. It’s called the Alpha Khaki, and has the fit and feel of jeans but it looks like a chino. This year they’re coming out with all kinds of different colors for the Alpha Khaki line including camouflage and a old style that’s coming back, and that’s corduroy. Corduroy’s are going to be huge in 2013. To get some you can go to”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Steve Truitt: “Sure. I think what we’re going to see in 2013 is a tablet personal hand-held device explosion. Read up on the current trends. You can follow me @SteveTruitt on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting about it; but Apple, Samsung, Sony, Panasonic are all going to be developing handheld devices this year and also the Kindle Fire is going to be merging as a competitor in the handheld market. It’s just for reading books anymore, it’s really diverse.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go to find everything you mentioned today?

Steve Truitt: “Well, for the pants you can go to For the massager you can check out for the printer. And then for the hands-free faucet. You can follow me at @SteveTruitt on Twitter.


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