Interview: Last Minute Tech, Fashionista and Personalized Gifts with TV Personality and Lifestyle Expert Jeannie Mai

If you’re in search of the perfect gift for the tech lover, fashionista or the guy or gal who loves anything personal, you’ve come to the right place! TV personality, lifestyle and fashion expert Jeannie Mai joined me earlier this week to dish on your favorite gifts for everyone on your list!

Fashion and lifestyle expert Jeannie Mai with her top last minute gifts for fashion lovers and techies too!

Fashion and lifestyle expert Jeannie Mai with her top last minute gifts for fashion lovers and techies too!





Candace Rose: With the holiday shopping season upon us, what advice do you have for last minute shoppers who are in the market for a new laptop or tablet?

Jeannie Mai: “Any gift that you give to somebody should be something that is personal. You don’t want to give somebody a gift that makes them feel like you just grabbed something on the go, and worse yet it looks likeĀ  a last minute gift. So what I love about Microsoft is all of the pieces that they have, all the gadgets that they have are things that are ideal for any person of any lifestyle. For example, my favorite gift right now is the Surface. It clocks in at $499, right under $500. And the reason I love this is not only the size, it’s really compact and you don’t have to put it into a case because it’s built into its case already. It’s got a really cool little stand in the back so that it sets up and it’s ready to go. But it also has the most amazing Start screen. So the Windows 8 Start screen, the whole point of it is to take all the parts of your life, whether it’s your personal, your work, your entertainment and of course your guilty goodies like shopping online for me. And it puts it into a little database so that all you have to do as you can see (please see video above for details) I have my socials here, and I’ve got my shopping, and I’ve got my games, and all of it is even more organized than my own desk at home. That’s the whole point with technology.


If you want to take it a little bit larger, which we all do I love the Sony Tap 20, and the reason why I love this is because it’s portable. This gorgeous screen can be taken anywhere. So if you do your work on your kitchen tabletop or you do it in your office you can easily pick it up and tote it to go. But if you like to watch movies like I do or catch up on television like Breaking Bad and Glee for me, I take the screen, pop it up at home in my bedroom and then I can watch TV. It’s so affordable as well, it’s $999 and it’s beautiful and it’s sleek.”


Candace Rose: What are some stylish gift ideas the fashionista in your life is sure to love?

Jeannie Mai: “Of course. For the fashionistas out there you must love to design, draw, decorate and you just like to visualize and see your ideas. My favorite application from Windows 8 is the Fresh Paint. So the Fresh Paint as you can see here (please see video above for details) I decided to get artistic and design all of my holiday cards, but what I do is I pull up the Fresh Paint application, and then I went out and got the stylish paint brush. Now this comes in at $35, so imagine a stocking stuffer or a great accessory piece to any of these great devices that you buy. And it’s actually a retractable paint brush, so what you do is you dip into the paint box here on the application and you design anything you want and you print it. So imagine getting this custom made Christmas card from you friends and you think ‘Oh, they must have ordered this online’ but you can print this at home. So these are ideas like I said that show personal time, it shows a lot more thought and care and it’s great to look at. You’d be the only one of a kind that would do something like this, so that’s another one of my gifts for fashionistas.”

Jeannie Mai created beautiful personalized holiday cards for friends and family using the Fresh Paint app!

Jeannie Mai created beautiful personalized holiday cards for friends and family using the Fresh Paint app!


Candace Rose: Are there any other fun ways to accessorize our tech gadgets this holiday season?

Jeannie Mai: “Absolutely at Best Buy. You can actually shop at and find any cool covers for any of your PCs. I love the animal prints and the giraffe pattern is pretty cool.

I also love the mice that are available from Microsoft. You can find the mice that they have are really cool decorated patterns, so it’s great for guys, girls at any type of age range so they can really find a design that they like.

Fashionistas would like this as well, but it’s nice for everybody, it’s the JamBox that’s available at Best Buy. It trips me out how amazing the sound is that comes from this little tiny device. Not only can you pop it down at parties, and of course holiday parties. When you play your music from this it sounds like you have a DJ in your living room. But you can also take it into your closet or when you do your makeup. I always advise women to play some music when you get dressed in the mornings because it gets you a little bit more excited and energized about what you’re getting into rather than the silence and sometimes your head saying ‘Oh, you don’t look great in that top or you’ve gained some weight’. You know the thoughts that sometimes your brain can bother you with. Play some music instead and the sound is phenomenal in this tiny device. It’s basically $129.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any gift ideas for shoppers who are trying to get the most bang for their buck this season?

Jeannie Mai: “Yes, I’d say for the most bang for your buck, I’d say Fresh Paint because it’s only $35.

And my favorite for those, I don’t want to say anyone who is a ‘health geek’ because I don’t know anyody like that, but everybody wants to feel better for the New Year. The FitBit is a really cool device that I actually discovered last year. The FitBit is this amazing device that basically calculates your calories, how many jogging steps that you want to run so that you can burn the amount of calories that it has clocked for you. It also measures how much sleep you’re getting, and we’re not talking about just shuteye, it actually measures how much REM sleep you’re getting to make sure you’re getting enough rest because that’s part of being healthy. And it also helps you document all this and when you get near your computer, you don’t even have to plug it in, you can actually just get close to your computer and it immediately uploads all your information into this website that allows you to talk and interact with other people who are doing with their goals so that you guys can work together and feel better about yourselves.”

Fitbit is great for the person looking to get healthy in the New Year. It calculates your workouts and your sleep cycle too.

Fitbit is great for the person looking to get healthy in the New Year. It calculates your workouts and your sleep cycle too.


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Jeannie Mai: “Yes, well I’ll be sharing more of my tips on a blog that you can find at And you can also go to for all of these gifts and more that’ll be customizable and personal to your friends and family. And then go to to shop all of these online.”



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