Interview: Last Minute Cost Effective Gifts with Lifestyle Expert Elizabeth Mayhew

Are you on the hunt for that last minute holiday gift that won’t cost a bundle and your loved ones are sure to adore? Lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew joined me yesterday to talk about a few must have products from your favorite celebrities, a new service available at and in stores, and a fabulous new beauty gadget which will have your skin looking fabulous in no time!


Lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew talks last minute budget friendly holiday gifts!

Lifestyle expert Elizabeth Mayhew talks last minute budget friendly holiday gifts!






Candace Rose: What are some great gift ideas for those of us who’ve waited until the last minute and where do we start?

Elizabeth Mayhew: “If you waited until the last minute you want to head some place that’s convenient. So I say head to the drugstore where you can find, among many other things, fragrances. In fact fragrances are one of the top 10 gifts that people have said they want to receive. And what’s great about fragrances is a lot of them come in gift sets so it makes giving really easy. You can find they’re packaged and a lot of times they’re already wrapped.

Two of the hot ones this season are Halle Berry’s Closer scent which the gift pack involves eau de parfum and hydrating shower gel. It has a nice fresh floral scent. And then for the men in your life, you can pick up the Adidas Deep Energy pack. It has everything from the eau de toilette spray, body wash, deodorant. It’s really an all-in-one thing. It’s great for the guy who goes to the gym frequently or who travels a lot because he can just pack it all and carry and go. Again, those are available at drugstores nationwide, and at mass retailers.


Now another idea for shopping is to head to You do all of your shopping but rather than sending it express mail and spending large mailing fees, you instead arrange to have all the items picked up at the store. So you show up to the store, you’re already to go, but the best news is you don’t even have to get out of your car. All you have to do is text Sears and they will bring the packages to you It’s really your phone doing all the work for you. And what’s also wonderful about Sears is there’s such a wide variety of products there you can get everything from tools for the guy who is handy in your life, like a 65-in-1 universal fastener set for only $19.99 to a really pretty scarf from the Kardashian Collection that’s only $38 that can really update any wardrobe.”


Kardashian Collection Scarf.

Kardashian Collection Scarf.


Candace Rose: Are there any other must haves we should know about?

Elizabeth Mayhew: “Yes, so the other thing that’s hot this season is the at-home skincare or the at-home spa experience. One of the best things you can buy is the Microdermabrasion kit from Neutrogena. It has everything you need to leave your skin soft and luminous. In fact it’s clinically proven that this product visibly reduces the fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. It’s going to just leave your skin looking soft and feeling great. I don’t know about you but it’s what I definitely need going into the New Year. In fact 91% of the people that used it just once said they saw a noticeable difference. It’s a great product, it’s actually under $19.99 and it’s available at drugstores nationwide.


We’re trying to have you smell good, look good and feel good- all very conveniently for those last minute shoppers.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Elizabeth Mayhew: “Well, you should check out, and also go to where you can find more about the products and other things we think are great.”


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