Interview: How to Get the Best Holiday Shopping Deals with Consumer Expert Andrea Woroch

Did you forgo holiday shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but you’re now regretting it because you’ve missed the best deals? If so, don’t be so hard on yourself! According to consumer expert Andrea Woroch, there are still fabulous deals to be had this season, and if you wait until the week before Christmas, you may just get the best deals of all! The renowned expert joined me recently to discuss the secret to finding the best bargains and holiday deals this season, how to prep before you head to the mall, where to go to get free shipping when buying online, and much more!







Candace Rose: What’s the secret to finding the biggest bargains and the best deals this holiday season?

Andrea Woroch: “It’s all about research and doing your research online. It’s really important to compare prices across multiple retailers because the same item can jump and fluctuate in price as much as $50-$100, so it really is important to compare prices. You can use which will provide instant price comparison and then I would also recommend using PricePinx. This will alert you if a certain good that you’re looking to buy actually drops in price through the holiday season so you know when the absolute lowest price is actually offered.”


Candace Rose: Even though Black Friday and Cyber Monday have already passed, it is still possible to still get great deals this season?

Andrea Woroch: “The good news is retailers are expected to offer some of the best sales and the biggest markdowns the week before Christmas, so look out for additional shopping holidays, like Free Shipping Day on December 17th where you can get free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve. Also look for deals that we could be offered that weekend before the holidays. You’re going to see retailers making huge markdowns on goods that they haven’t been able to sell and you can save big, big then.”

Candace Rose: Should holiday shoppers have a shopping strategy before they head to the mall?

Andrea Woroch: “Yes, of course. I would recommend having your list and assigning a budget to each recipient on your shopping list. And then track your spending. Use the Holiday Gift List app. Every time you make a purchase you can knock off that person on your list. It will help you stay on top of what you bought and how much you spent.

And then I also recommend using a credit card that offers reward points or cash back. So for instance, I’ve partnered with Chase who is offering extra incentives to cardholders this holiday season through Ultimate Rewards. You can earn extra bonus points by shopping through their Online Rewards Mall, and then you can redeem those points for purchases at or even redeem those points for a gift card which you can then give as a gift or apply towards future purchases. So this just helps you get something back for all the purchases you’re making anyway.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Andrea Woroch: “Yeah, so I always recommend that consumers follow retailers and their favorite brands on Facebook or Twitter to get news of upcoming promotions or sales and to get exclusive coupon codes. And then I always suggest if you are shopping online look for the retailer that offers free shipping and free return shipping. If there isn’t any free shipping deal, look for a coupon code from to help you save on those delivery charges. When it comes to shopping make sure you have a budget and then you really try to stick to it. It’s easy to buy on impulse, but just stick to your list and you’ll avoid overspending.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Andrea Woroch: “At you can learn more about Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program and learn how to earn about extra points and redeem those points for purchases at You can also go to for more information on online coupon codes. And then of course on I post tons of money saving tips.





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