Interview: Hottest High-Tech Holiday Gadgets, Gifts & Games with Tech Expert Drew Krasny

With the holidays upon us, and Christmas less than three weeks away (where has the time gone?), it’s time to start thinking about buying loved ones everything on their list, if you haven’t already! With technology always evolving, it can be overwhelming to pick the perfect item that techie on your list loves. Tech expert Drew Krasny joined me this week to dish on the hottest tech gadgets, gifts and games everyone is sure to adore!





Candace Rose: Technology moves at such a fast pace and is always evolving. What’s the secret to picking the perfect gift for the tech guru on your list?

Drew Krasny: I think really just thinking about who you’re shopping for, how will there life be improved and changed by the gift you buy them. Many of us get stressed out when we shop because we think about the things that we like and what our needs are. So I think if you just think about your budget and who exactly you’re shopping for, it makes shopping so much easier.”

Candace Rose: Is there a perfect time and place to shop for tech items?

Drew Krasny: “I’m a believer that anytime, anywhere. I say shop online, find the best deals that are possible, and if you want to support your local brick and mortar, just go to them and say ‘This is what I saw it for online’, and give them an opportunity to match it.”


Candace Rose: What are the tech must haves this season?

Drew Krasny: “Well, first for the DIY’er on your list, there is an incredible new tool innovation that is sure to be a guys favorite guaranteed. And what I’m talking about is from Craftsman and what it’s called is the Bolt-On System. This is the largest modular power tool attachment system with nine interchangeable attachments that connect to one power base. So basically what it does Candace, is it gets rid of the clutter, of all these different gadgets and tools that you have inside your toolbox and it cleans it up, it makes life efficient. It’s affordable, at around $100 or $120 for a really good quality solid tool.”


Candace Rose: Are there any other must haves?

Drew Krasny: “Absolutely. Everyone is saying iPads are going to be number one on their list this year. There’s a company called LifeProof that has developed a great product called the Nuud case. It makes your iPad waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof (please see video to view Drew’s demonstration on how the Nuud case works). So what this does is it gives you the freedom to take your iPad wherever life takes you- whether you’re going to the beach, whether you’re working with recipes in the kitchen and spilling things, or working in your work environment and you want to make sure that you’re protecting your investment. I think it’s a great idea and it’s only around $100 from LifeProof, and it’s also available at Best Buy.”


Candace Rose: That’s amazing. Do they have cases for iPhones and laptops?

Drew Krasny: “They do. Go to Great question. They absolutely do, and they’re affordable, and they really do protect your investment.

Talking about spending money, I’ve got two more great ideas for you. One of them is absolutely free. The folks at AOL have a website called, which allows you to go and get free online entertainment. So your classic games, your classic puzzles, family games or how about even fun casino games? Or educational games like Lex the Bookworm? This allows us to take some content and include it in the PC’s, and gadgets, and tablets, and smartphones that we’re buying people this holiday season. And like I said, not a single catch at all, 100% free.” offers free games on the site. offers free games for the entire family on the site.


Candace Rose: And what is the last item on your list?

Drew Krasny: “The last item on my list, I’m so excited about is from LG. And LG has what’s called the LG G2 Smart TV with Google TV. The amazing innovation about this television is the remote control is actually just about the size of my hand. And if I flip it over there’s a full size QWERTY keyboard which toggles wirelessly like a mouse on a computer. But it recognizes my voice and I can say ‘Find my a romantic film starring Tom Hanks’ and it will instantly search my live television, and it will also search my online content providers like say Netflix or HBO Go or even Google Chrome. So a television that you can talk to that understands your behavior and your television viewing patterns. And if you do your homework right, you can get the 47 inch version of this television for under $1,000.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Drew Krasny: “I love to tell people all the time when they’re out shopping, remember where you parked your car. Go early in the day, have fun, throw a Santa Claus hat on, get in the mood for the holidays, and just remember it’s not about telling people how much money you have, or how much money you don’t have; it’s about telling people how much you appreciate them, how much you love them and how much you love this time of year.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Drew Krasny: “For more information, I say go straight to the companies I talked about today, that’s the easiest. Go to LG for the incredible television. Go to or Sears. Go to Best Buy or LifeProof for the incredible Nuud case. And last but not least”


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