Interview: Holiday Gifts For The Entire Family Under $100 with Editor-in-Chief Dana Holmes

Are you looking for an affordable great gift under $100 for everyone on your list? If you’re in search of that perfect gift for the fashionista, the guy in your life, the wine drinker, the techie on your list, or even a personalized gift for that special someone you’re in luck! editor-in-chief Dana Holmes joined me recently to dish on her top budget friendly gifts everyone on your list is sure to love!




Candace Rose: Do you have any suggestions for those looking for an affordable personalized gift?

Dana Holmes: “Absolutely. As editor-in-chief of I have partnered with a bunch of great brands to find you amazing gifts that are all under $100 including personalized which is one of my favorite gifts to give during the holidays, and one of the easiest and affordable ways to give a personalized gift this holiday season is to use the KODAK Picture Kiosk, and the new Kodak Kiosk Connect app for your phone, so what you do is you download the app and then you can access all of your pictures that have been stuck on your phone that you don’t know what to do with to create these beautiful calendars, books and cards to send out to everyone on your list. You can use the Kodak Kiosk at more than 7,000 CVS pharmacies and you can check out the KODAK website to make sure. But it’s really great to use. It’s so easy, you just pick the pictures on your phone and then it automatically sends them to the Kiosk when you’re there. It’s so simple, and they’re all really affordable.



So for the techie on your list, you want to get them the Logitech Ultrathin keyboard cover for the iPad, it’s only $99, it was actually named the best keyboard for the ipad, ever so you can’t really can’t go wrong with that, right? It comes in three colors- black, red and white, and it comes apart really easy. You can dock it in the keyboard, it gets you used to the Bluetooth keyboard which is really great, and it acts as a cover, and the cover is this nice aluminum just like the iPad itself and you can get it engraved for free if you get it at, so it’s a great gift for the techie all the way around.



The Boxee TV is a box that connects to your TV and gives you access to all your favorite apps like Netflix and Youtube on the big screen, but it also is different from a Roku or Apple TV because it gives you access to a cloud DVR so you can record all of your favorite broadcast shows and watch them on your TV’s, tablet or on your computer from just about anywhere, and they’re giving away three months free of Netflix with it for the holidays for $99, it’s a great deal.”

Candace Rose: How about for the fashionista on your list?Dana Holmes: “Now for the fashionista, their wish list can get pretty pricey, but for her we recommend from Sephora the Color Blaze Blockbuster makeup kit. It’s $49.50 but has a value of $370 which is absolutely incredible. It’s 148 different formulas which she can use to create an infinite number of looks, so it’s great for somebody who wants to test out new looks or just loves makeup or wants to try exploring makeup a little bit more, it’s for young, for pros. It’s a great gift for the fashionista.


And for the stylish guy, the fragrance sampler from Sephora is great because it gives him 12 samples of their most popular fragrances and a voucher for a full size bottle.


But for all those holiday parties we’re attending all the holiday season, all the wine cork popping that’s happening, I love the Whimsical bottle openers from Red Envelope, and what they do is they all have a carefully hidden corkscrew, so you can hide it or use it if you want to. But they’re amazing conversation starters. They’re all really well made, they’re beautiful, they’re fun- they’re a great gift to give just about anybody on your list.


But for more gift ideas, we spend most of our time at searching through millions of products to find the few best gifts online and show you where to get them. So visit and read our blog to get more advice.


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