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Interview: High-Tech Holiday Must Haves with Tech Expert Brett Larson

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Everybody loves receiving tech gifts for the holidays, no matter how old we might be! Tech expert Brett Larson joined me yesterday to dish on a few of the hottest high-tech holiday gifts this season! If you’re looking for a great sound system, gadgets for the kitchen, a portable tablet for the kids and so much more, you’re in luck as Brett has you covered!


Tech expert Brett Larson demonstrates the hottest high-tech holiday gifts for the entire family!

Tech expert Brett Larson demonstrates the hottest high-tech holiday gifts for the entire family!

Candace Rose:What are the must have gifts this season?

Brett Larson: A lot of great stuff, Candace, and we’re going to start with something nice from LG, it’s their 3D home theater system with Smart TV. What’s great about this is it’s a 5.1 channel speaker system so it’s going to give that immersive sound to your entertainment system when you’re there watching your movie, but it also has LG Smart TV platform so that’s going to give you access to things like Netflix, Hulu Plus, even your live streaming movies. It has WIFI built into it so it’ll hook right up to your existing home wireless network. It’ll even upscale your existing DVDs to almost HD quality so you’re going to get a better picture and great sound from your home movies.



We’ve got a great thing for the kids which I think is a lot of fun. The VTech InnoTab 2S is a tablet that actually has a camera built into the top. It’s got the five inch color touch screen as well. But it also has WIFI built into it as well, so what’s great about that is anytime you’re near a WIFI hotspot or even if you’re at home you can access their learning lodge navigator where you can go and download even more great content for kids. There’s going to be a lot of learning games, reading games, stuff to have just a little bit of fun. And with having that camera built in on top you’re going to be able to snap your photos, videos and have a little bit of fun with them along the way. It has 2 GB of memory that you can also expand with an SD card slot. There’s plenty of fun for the kids that will grow with them as as they grow.”


VTech InnoTab 2S

VTech InnoTab 2S


Candace Rose: What are the newest tech trends for this season?

Brett Larson: “A lot of great tech trends that we’re seeing is things are just getting easier to use and better all the way around. There’s a great smartphone from Kyocera, it’s their Kyocera Rise. It has a built-in QWERTY keyboard. Almost 70% of smartphone users still want that QWERTY keypad, so that’s a good bonus. And you don’t give anything up to have it. You still get the nice 3.5 inch color touchscreen. It’s running the latest version of Android which is 4.0. So you’re going to access things like apps that you want from Google with Angry Birds, maybe your banking app or what have you. What I love about the Kyocera Rise is you can get it under $100 without a contract on Virgin Mobile, or if you want you can head over to Sprint and get it for free with a two year contract. Or even better- if you head over to Facebook they’re giving one away until December 14th during their 12 days of holiday giveaways on Facebook.


Kyocera Rise with QWERTY keyboard.

Kyocera Rise with QWERTY keyboard.


Another great tech trend we’re seeing is electronics in the kitchen and again, it goes with that trend of making things easier. The Tassimo T55 is going to make a perfect cup of hot beverage, it’s the easiest thing you’ll ever do. The genius of this are the T Discs, they’ve got a barcode on the front so when you put it into the T55 it knows whether you’re doing the Suchard Hot Chocolate or the Gevalia decaf coffee, or maybe you’re going to do the King of Joe Cappuccino. Whatever you’re making, it’s going to read the barcode and then it’s going to know how much water you need, how long it needs to be brewed, even adjusting the water temperatures so that you get the perfect hot beverage every time.


The Tassimo T55.

The Tassimo T55.


And the last thing that’s also a great trend we’re seeing with technology in the kitchen is from SodaStream. The SodaStream Revolution is the first automatic home soda maker. What I like about it is the buttons on the front. You just put the bottle on, you push the button for however much carbonation you want, from low to turbo and you’re just a few seconds away from from turning your tap water into sparkling water. And what’s also great about the SodaStream is they’ve got over 60 different flavor mixes, so from cola to Kool-Aid, even an energy drink. You can add that to your bubbly water. What’s nice about is no high fructose corn syrup and no aspartame in those mixes so it’s healthier for you as well.


So lots of great stuff for the holidays for pretty much everyone on your list.”

Candace Rose: Where can viewers go for more information?

Brett Larson: “They can head to KillerApps.tv for more information on this and so much more. But if you’re going to be doing some online shopping, I always tell people to Google the products name, see what pops up and see if manufacturers have a coupon on their website or maybe you can get free shipping from somewhere to save yourself money along the way.

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