Interview: Dr. Wendy Bazilian Shares Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Management Tips!

Are you sabotaging your weight loss effort without even knowing it? While it can be difficult to take on a new diet or try to manage your weight loss or weight management throughout the year, it can be especially difficult during the holidays due to all the indulgences. According to Dr. Wendy Bazilian, losing weight (or maintain your weight) may have more to do with your attitude than you think. The renowned author and registered dietitian joined me this week to share simple strategies on how you can manage your weight this winter and into 2013, and how your friends and family can help you along this journey.


Candace Rose: Can you tell us about the findings of this research?

Dr. Wendy Bazilian: “Well, we all know that diet and exercises are essential components to healthy weight management. This new research commissioned by Special K have identified a secret ingredient-that a positive attitude may be what is missing in some or may be the key to those who are successful at their weight management goals. And that was the most compelling finding, that overall a positive attitude was connected to overall success with weight management.”

Candace Rose: What advice do you have for women who are struggling to lose or maintain weight?

Dr. Wendy Bazilian: “Well, what’s really key when you’re looking at that is to kind of look at what the research showed- nine out of 10 women who had a positive outlook on weight management were able to lose or maintain weight in the last year, as compared to about 50% with a negative attitude. And that translated not only to success, but they were also eight times less likely to gain weight. So how do you put that forward into practice? It’s not just as simple as whether people are positive or negative, you can practice positive strategies. So one of the things that a lot of women do is they practice ‘fat talk’. And we have to ban ‘fat talk’. They say negative things about their body.

One of the practices that you can do actually, is start a ‘Ban the fat talk’ (or swear off the fat talk) jar where when a thought comes into your mind or you hear a friend who is about to be negative about their body to put a dollar in the jar to stop it before it even starts. And the dollar is to translate to something positive, like a donation to charity or going to get a nice manicure or some other simple reward when you’re trying to swear off the fat talk and focus on the positive.

The other pieces of that is to celebrate healthy talk, so a lot of times when you have words in your usually vocabulary like ‘fat’, you might want to switch to ‘fit’; or ‘unhealthy’ you’re seeking ‘health’, so you use health. Or ‘weak’, you use ‘strong’; ‘lose’, you use ‘gain’. And as you accumulate these through practice it literally starts to translate into how you feel about your behaviors and may motivate to change.

Some people need other kind of tactile like approaches, some real practical ways and one is keeping healthy snacks on hand. So keeping healthy snacks on hand is not only positive in that it almost by default your grab and go is healthier- some nuts and dried fruit, some healthy protein bars or protein shakes; apples dipped in peanut butter is a favorite of mine. Things like that, that you have ready because life can get stressful at times, and those are the times that we get derailed. If you have healthy snacks on board you can really have a positive solution. So the problem is stress, the solution at snack time is going for something that’s healthier, but is also energizing for you.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Dr. Wendy Bazilian: “Well, for more information, what’s interesting is to go to the Gains Project at because one of the other great tips is to enlist a community or a friend. People who lose or maintain their weight (according to this research) were three times more likely to enlist the support of others. So the Gains Project at is actually a forum, an online community where people can state what they hope to gain, their intentions and find tips and inspirations and a lot more information about the research, so that’s a really good resource. and also a good strategy so that you’ll be successful in the year to come.


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