Interview: DIY Christmas Decor and Holiday Entertaining Tips with Lifestyle Expert Kelly Edwards

The holidays can be a stressful time, especially when entertaining, but according to lifestyle expert, Kelly Edwards, it doesn’t have to be. The renowned expert joined me once again, this time to chat about creating DIY Christmas decor with useful tools around the house, and she also shared a few entertaining must haves including a robot vacuum that will clean your entire house on the spot, a home organizing system, and a product that will ensure sure our four legged family members are cool, calm and relaxed when friends and family arrive!







Candace Rose: What’s the secret to throwing a great holiday party this season?

Kelly Edwards: “Not stressing out so much. That’s my number one thing, don’t stress out too much. It’s really supposed to be just about your family and friends, and have fun entertaining.”


Candace Rose: And as you mentioned, parties can be stressful, especially on the host or hostess. Do you have any de-stressing holiday prep tips to share with us?

Kelly Edwards: “I do. Let’s first start with decorating, obviously because decorating is my favorite thing about the holidays. It’s so much fun! So when decorating, it seems to de-stress me so I hate for anyone to be stressed out when doing all that holiday decorating. And one way that you can eliminate that is by getting the right tools. One thing to always have on hand is the Command Clear hooks and clips to decorate with. They’re amazing. They’re great for things like hanging up your Christmas lights, and as well as making really great holiday displays. This one is simply just Christmas ornaments that are hung with the Command Clear mini hooks and then of course I added a star to the top. Done, done and done. It’s perfect for anyone, especially for renters or for people who don’t want to put trees in their house.


Christmas tree created with Christmas ornaments and Command clear hooks.

Christmas tree created with Christmas ornaments and Command clear hooks.


Closeup of Kelly's Christmas tree which she created with Christmas ornaments and Command clear hooks.

Closeup of Kelly’s Christmas tree which she created with Christmas ornaments and Command clear hooks.



What I love about these clips and hooks is that- one: the adhesive is transparent, which means it just blends into the wall and surfaces so you don’t have to worry about anybody seeing that. And also it has stress release technology which allows it to be easily removed from the walls when the holidays are over and it won’t damage them. So all you need to do is put your hand on top of the hook or the clip and then slowly pull straight down, and it removes easily. It makes holiday decorating really fun.”


Candace Rose: What are some of your other must dos before company arrives?

Kelly Edwards: “Well one of them is cleaning. Everybody stresses out about cleaning their house for their guests for the holidays, but I say only focus on your main areas- so the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the entry way. You don’t have to worry about the bedrooms, cleaning out the drawers. No one is ever going to see that. One thing I like to have on hand is the Mint Plus 5200 automatic floor cleaner to mop and sweep my floor so that I don’t have to. If you just let it go it will sweep and mop, so it kind of de-stresses you when you’re trying to clean, or other parts of the house you can just this on. This is great because it’s compact in size and it also has a sensor system so it allows a little robot to get under and around furniture, avoiding your carpeting as well as your stairwell. This is a great thing so that you don’t have to hire a maid or do it all yourself.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Kelly Edwards: “I have an organizing tip that’s perfect for your house. Now obviously while your Mint is cleaning the floor you can certainly organize the house by making labels which is important for all those Christmas decorations. The Brother has a P-touch PT-D200 machine. It’s an easy to use tool, it’s a one touch button quick access to everything from fonts to symbols to frames. You can organize rooms by labeling bins, you can create gift tags or of course my personal favorite is to do place cards for the holiday table when you’re entertaining because I love to entertain.

And then of course last but not least, we don’t want to forget about our four legged friends, because some people seem to forget about cats and dogs at the holidays. But they do get stressed out during the holidays like everybody else because of the environmental changes, because of the noise. Maybe because guests are coming over. And what happens is they start to misbehave. So Comfort Zone has a line of products that actually help reduce the stress related behavior by mimicking the natural pheromones that your cats and dogs are giving off, so this makes them a little more calm and comfortable. And ultimately what you will see is that it reduces the marking and the scratching in the cats and in the dogs it reduces the chewing, the biting, and the marking as well.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Kelly Edwards: “You can go to, everything will be on there.”


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