Interview: Creating The Perfect Holiday Tablescape with HGTV Designer and Target Style Expert Sabrina Soto

Will you be entertaining friends and family over the holiday season? If you’re looking to create a beautiful tablescape and a fabulous dessert table your guests will be gushing over, you’re in luck! HGTV designer and entertaining expert Sabrina Soto joined me this week to dish on how to create two beautiful tablescapes, and a fabulous dessert station that are well under budget just in time for your holiday celebration!








Candace Rose: Where should we focus if our budget is limited and we want to make the most of our holiday get-together?

Sabrina Soto: “I think even if you have a very limited budget your tablescape can still look fabulous. Figure what you already own. Most people have a neutral tablecloth, napkins and your everyday white china that you can just layer upon. I like to use chargers, so this is a beautiful metallic beaded charger, (please see video above for details), new metallic centerpieces, and if you need them- new wine glasses with that little bit of silver detail. Some of these pieces like the wine glasses, you can use all year round. This is a very glamorous look, more on the traditional side.






If you have more of a modern feel to your home, you can use pops of great jewel tone colors. All these pieces are affordable, and still using that neutral base of the neutral tablecloth and white dishes. But then layering upon really colorful chargers, a beautiful centerpiece, and really colorful wine glasses, that again you can use all year round. You don’t just have to take them out during the holiday season.”





Candace Rose: Many people entertain more than once during the holidays. Should the purchase new table decor pieces for every occasion?

Sabrina Soto: “I don’t think so. Everybody has their hands full during these months with parties, getting gifts, entertaining themselves. I think if you get great pieces, you can mix and match and make it look different if you have the same attendees. But for the most part all these pieces can work no matter if you’re having a formal sit down dinner or a buffet style.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any other suggestions when it comes to entertaining?

Sabrina Soto: “I think if you have a lot of people coming over, don’t feel like you have to sit down for that formal dinner. Do a buffet, set up different stations. Maybe near the entry way you can set up a drink station with your signature cocktails, mineral waters, invite guests in. Set up a buffet in your dining room, and set up my favorite, which is the dessert station.



And then at the end of the station I like to have little baggies available with plastic bags inside. I put ground coffee in one and leave extras so guests on their way out can pick their favorite dessert and take it home with them, so you’re not stuck with tons of leftovers.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Sabrina Soto: “All of the items you see here (please see video above!), you can pick up at Target. They are all affordable. If you need more tips and more inspiration there’s a home catalog available at with great ideas and hostess gift ideas as well.


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