Interview: Best of the Season Holiday Tech Gifts with Technology Expert Chris Leary

Tech expert Chris Leary of the Daily Lounge stopped by this week to dish on what he calls his ‘best of the season gifts’ just in time for the holidays! If you’re looking for a great last minute gift for the tech expert in your life, the movie goer or kid on your list, or even the entertainer or hostess, Chris has you covered!


Tech expert Chris Leary with his best of the season holiday gifts!

Tech expert Chris Leary with his best of the season holiday gifts!







Candace Rose: What’s the secret to finding the perfect last minute gift?

Chris Leary: “Wow, the secret is you go out and keep looking and hoping for the best. I have what I think is the best of the season, and from what I’ve gathered so far it seems like tablets are at the top of a lot of peoples wish lists, and that’s why I’m going to start out with the ASUS Vivo Tab. It runs on the INTEL atom processor, and is super sleek (weighs 1.5 pounds). It is a tablet first, it’s got a removable mobile dock, full keyboard and multi-touch pad, and everything. It kind of gives you the full benefit of a laptop too. It runs Windows 8, iTunes, and the full Microsoft Office Suite.


If you’re thinking of maybe giving a gift of a cellphone for the holidays, it could get a little expensive, unless you do it through Boost Mobile. The Samsung Galaxy S II 4G has one of the fastest dual-core processors in the industry. If you use the Boost Mobile no contract with the Android unlimited plan, your payments start at $55. And for every six on time payments, the cost actually shrinks $5. And you can get that down to $40 a month, and that’s with unlimited nationwide text, talk and data.


The SodaStream Source soda maker is a great gift. What it does is it transforms ordinary tap water into fizzy great tasting soda in less than 30 seconds. Designer Yves Béhar, he helped create the look. It’s very elegant and has a top surface that responds to the touch. You just push it down and the LED display gives you the three levels of fizziness. They have 60 flavors to choose from so you know there’s something there for the whole family.


A great gift for the movie goer or somebody who loves Lego’s, is Lego The Hobbit Attack of the Wargs construction set. Over 400 pieces so you know it has a strong attention to detail, and builders can create one of the scenes from the movie where the dwarfs are catapulted into the trees to escape the Orcs attack. Of course they give the magic flame shooters to the dwarfs so they can fight back.



Lego The Hobbit Attack of the Wargs

Lego The Hobbit Attack of the Wargs gift for the movie goer or kid in your life!



The last thing I want to tell you about is really great for the kid who is an adventurer, you can actually give your child the world, one month at a time. It’s called Little Passports subscriptions and these two characters Sam and Sofia, they mail your child an adventure kit, which means it has a letter, a souvenir, an online game and they give a new country or state each month and the kids learn the geography, history and culture of these places in a fun memorable way. The subscriptions start at $10.95, and by the way for the first subscription you can get 15% off by using the codeword: ’15off’ in there. And that’s kind of a neat thing, and the kids like going back and knowing they’re getting something the next month and they look forward to it. It lasts a whole year, so that’s a great present.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Chris Leary: “Well, as a matter of fact, we have a bunch of stuff we want to share with you, and it’s all on the website:”



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