Interview: Beauty Expert Polly Blitzer Shares the Inside Scoop on How to Get Glam for the Holidays!

With holiday party season upon us, many of us are struggling to find last minute beautiful dress on mall and department store racks that are pretty picked over! If you’re looking to get glam this holiday season, you’re in luck! Beauty and fashion expert Polly Blitzer joined me recently and dished insider scoop on where to find the best dresses, shoes and accessories for all your celebrations this season; stunning makeup palettes on a budget (along with makeup tips too); and hair accessories that double as jewelry!


Beauty expert Polly Blitzer with the must have fashion and beauty secrets to looking glam this holiday season!

Beauty expert Polly Blitzer with the must have fashion and beauty secrets to looking glam this holiday season!






Candace Rose: With holiday party season upon us, what are the must have fashion trends?

Polly Blitzer: “Okay, so here’s the deal, Candace- when it comes to fashion trends, it’s also about where you get them and how you get them. And during the holidays those malls, shopping stores and department stores are so crowded, it’s just a hassle and a nightmare waiting in the lines, dealing with people elbowing you and not being able to find your size in all those racks of clothes. So celebrity stylists will always tell me go a little bit off the off beaten path because that’s where you’ll find what you’re looking for. So David’s Bridal (little secret for you, Candace and all your followers) is the go-to mecca for finding dresses in all different sizes, thousands of different styles- not just for brides, and not just for wedding dresses, obviously. So look at these (please see video above for details!) dazzling- they have all the jeweled tones that are off the runway like the satin ruched ruby gorgeousness in silhouettes and styles that flatter anyone with all the current trendy necklines. And then what I like to call lustry lace- which is lace that has a little bit of sheen to it. It’s very easy to find, they’re all affordable, and again, David’s Bridal.


But then you can’t just stop with the dress. Of course you need the shoes, the bag, and the jewelry; but you may not have this huge budget to go buy tons of karats of diamonds and Jennifer Lopez’s $3,000 pair of platforms. So this peep toe platform (please see video for details!), I saw Jennifer Lopez wearing a couple weeks ago on the red carpet and it was so pricey. This is at David’s Bridal for a fraction of the cost, so you can basically get your whole look at David’s BPridal and not have to deal with the crowds and the hassle of holiday shopping.


Now moving onto makeup, Candace, nudes and shimmers are the big thing right now and it can be easy or somewhat simple to pull off a nude shimmer in person, but for the holidays when you’re being photographed a lot, shimmers can come across in a couple of ways. Either if you apply them a little bit incorrectly you can look like you’re perspiring and that’s no good, or if they have too much glitter the flash will pick that up and make it look like you have confetti on your face. Maybe that’s okay with paper- Happy New Year, but maybe not for all the other events. So my pick is Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips. These come in custom eye enhancing shadow and liner palettes. They come in four different color families of nudes, and they’re all very subtly shimmery so you’re not going to get that sweaty glint on your face. And they’re not glittery, they’re just finely milled shimmer. Each palette is very compact, you can just throw it in your clutch bag for touch ups and they have nine shades at around $10 so it’s a total bargain.

A little trick for you is if you want to go very subtle and angelic with the look, then just sweet your shadow brush across the whole thing and just dust it on. You can even put a little bit of peachy champagne colors to make your bone structure pop like you’re on the cover of a magazine. If you want a more intensity of the pigment, more saturated, like a sultry smokey eye, use a damp makeup brush and that will pick up more of the hue. So that’s a little trick for you!




And then finally, Candace, I’m sure this has happened to you (this happens to me all the time), my friends will always make fun of me because I’ll take out a ponytail and then throw the ugly black rubber band around my wrist. So Goody is actually a genius company because they created and launched this incredible line called doublewear, so it’s all hair accessories between four and $10 that are totally on trend and they double as necklaces and bracelets. You can stack up an entire wrist and then if it gets a little bit stuffy and you’re feeling a little bit hot, or you just want to change your look up, you can just take one on your wrist and throw your hair back and no one will know. My necklace is actually a headband, and my bracelets are actually Goody hair accessories. They’re between four and $10 and are available at Walmart and Target stores nationwide. These are just the perfect insider track secrets to getting through the holiday season looking gorgeous and having it be easy and affordable, which is something you really don’t associate with this time of year.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Polly Blitzer: “Sure. If you want more information about all of this, you guys can check out”


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