Interview:’s Valerie Combs Shares the Top Entertainment, Political and News Searches of 2012

With many of us relying on search engines like to find out what’s happening in the world of entertainment, celebrity, politics and news,’s Valerie Combs joined me last week to discuss the most popular searches of 2012.'s Valerie Combs talks the top searches of 2012.’s Valerie Combs talks the top searches of 2012.



Candace Rose: What were some of the top entertainment headlines in 2012?

Valerie Combs: “Well, we took a look at overall questions in celebrity and general news and politics. Celebrity culture really dominates our nation for better or for worst. The top question we actually saw with celebrity was ‘Will Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson get back together’? Certainly their breakup was pretty salacious. People are really interested to know what’s the future of that relationship.”


Candace Rose: 2012 was a huge year in the world of politics. What was on everyone’s mind this year?

Valerie Combs: “Right. Well, in a presidential election year it’s the volume in the terms of questions asked, it’s incredible. The second half of the year the biggest question (not surprisingly) was ‘Who is winning for president?’ ‘Who will win for president?’

We saw a lot of questions specific to the candidates. For Obama, mostly we saw questions about Obamacare- ‘What is it?’ ‘How will it work?’ ‘How would this impact me?’ For Mitt Romney, the biggest question we saw was ‘What did he mean with his comment about the 47%?’

Certainly we did saw a lot of questions surrounding both the National Conventions. But with the Republican National Convention, the biggest question would have to be- ‘Why did Clint Eastwood talk to an empty chair?”

Candace Rose: What made headlines in news?

Valerie Combs: “Well, the biggest news items certainly were ‘Hurricane Sandy’, ‘Superstorm Sandy and the impact there’. The biggest question we saw was ‘What was the extent of the damage both structurally and the impact on people’s lives’.

And then we also saw a lot of questions with the Olympics. You had a political year, an Olympic year so that really dominated peoples minds. The biggest question with the Olympics was ‘How many medals did the U.S. gymnasts team win?’ There were a lot of people paying a lot of attention there.”

Candace Rose: Was there anything else important trending in 2012?

Valerie Combs: “I think what we started seeing at the end of 2012 was an increase interest abroad with the Royal Family, and I think we can expect with Kate and Will’s good news that there will be more attention paid (more than ever) in 2013. People will also be paying attention to Obama and his second term.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Valerie Combs: “Just come to to get your questions answered or visit us to”


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