Image: Actor Scott Speedman On a “Felicity” Reunion, Why He Hates Twitter, Basketball, Stalkers and More!

If you were a teenage girl in the late 1990s and early 2000’s you most likely had a crush on Felicity star Scott Speedman. Honestly, you can’t deny it. With his chiseled good looks and sly smile, Scott Speedman was ‘all that’ (am I dating myself with that phrase?) and clearly, he still is. He spoke with Playboy recently to discuss the probability of a Felicity reunion, his love of basketball, his hatred of social media, his encounter with his stalker, and much more.




The teen heartthrob turned TV tough guy explains why
Canadians make lousy action heroes, debates the merit of Kobe vs. Jordan,
and explains his hatred of Twitter

“So if you see a tweet from me—you know it’s fake,” says Canadian former teen star Scott Speedman, on why he despises social media. In his funny and candid interview he covers his stalker, his selective Canadian pride, and the odds that he’ll be starring in a superhero movie. Following are selected quotes from the 20Q (issue on newsstands and Tuesday, December 18, with the complete interview available at
On Canadian pride of fellow Canucks, like Steve Nash and Pamela Anderson:“Nash, yes. Pamela Anderson, not so much. Nothing against her, but I’m a huge basketball fan.”

On the thought of a Canadian superhero: “He might not be the best action hero. Captain Canada would be the polite one, so where’s the drama? He’s the superhero who never fights anybody.”

On a possible Felicity sequel: “People want a reunion. I joke that I’d totally do it if it’s years later and my character, Ben, weighs 500 pounds. He’s a shut in, and they’re bringing paramedics and pulleys to get him out of bed.”

On his former teen heartthrob status: “It makes you wonder what guys like Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson go through. I never got near their level, but I was close enough to get my feet wet, to sort of peek around the corner, see the hysteria and say, ‘No, thank you.’”

On what basketball team he’s a fan of: “I root for whoever’s playing against Miami. I’m for the underdog.”

On Jordan or Kobe Bryant: “[Jordan] was an authentic on-court character. I would take Jordan.”

On his own athleticism: “Pickup hoops, that’s my dream game, but I don’t really know how to play. What position? None. I just run around aggressively, get the ball and shoot.”

On who would win in a cage match between Ice Cube, Channing Tatum and Paul Giamatti: “That’s an interesting match. I don’t know, Paul’s pretty feisty.”

On his problem with Twitter: “I hate stuff that breaks the wall between a movie or a TV show and the people it’s made for. You want people to buy in, to believe this fiction we’re working so hard to make. So when you have cameras at rehearsals, people blogging and tweeting everything behind the scenes, what happens to the magic? ‘Hey, everyone, Scott’s eating a sandwich.’ Your personal life becomes your currency. I hate that. So if you see a tweet from me—and they’re out there—you know it’s fake.”

On his stalker asking him for medical assistance: “I had a guy fall off my roof a couple of years ago. He’d been in the house—that was a little creepy—but when it happened I was just sitting around. I heard a crash and ran outside. He knew my name, ‘Hey, Scott.’ He had separated his shoulder, and he asked me to pop it back in. I’m like, ‘Well, no, let’s call the professionals.’”





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