Keep: My Latest Shopping Addiction!

With Black Friday just days away I’m super excited to introduce you to a new shopping website called that I am wholeheartedly addicted to! As someone who is hooked on the latest fashion and decor blogs, pinning and finding the latest styles on Instagram, it’s fun to see how people create various wardrobe looks, and get inspiration from them. The hard part can actually be finding the exact same item they utilized in their post or finding something similar; or finding an item you love but needing to see it styled before purchasing. For instance, I was totally in love with a yellow Kate Spade bib necklace last year that I’d spotted at 50% off on their site, but as someone who wasn’t used to wearing brights (at the time)  I spent the next few days scouring the web to see how anyone paired this accessory with their wardrobe, and I missed out on it. Not only did I miss out on the item, I missed out on finding it styled. Don’t you just hate that? You know it’s bad when you’re still talking about it a year later!!! And this my friends is where comes in!

According to’s President Maryann Bekkedahl, “You can find an item you like and click on it and say, oh wow this woman Christa, this person Janine, they keep amazing stuff, I want to see what else she’s kept. Or you can say, man I love that scarf I want to see what the rest of the Keep community is doing with that scarf. So I can look at other collections that people have kept that scarf into. And that way I’m going to see the scarf with a jacket, the scarf with a dress, the scarf dressed up, the scarf dressed down, and see how the rest of the community has been using that item.”



If you’re also addicted to my favorite home design blog, Apartment Therapy, you’ll be excited to hear Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan loves it too. He recently stated that “At Keep when you have a community, when you find the people you like that you follow, and you like what they find, you basically have a little team of people who are curating and editing for you.”




Seriously does it get better than this? Please be sure to check out the latest video below for more details!


Video courtesy of Consultancy Media.


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