Interview: Sanity Saving Secrets with JustForMom Founder & Parenting Expert Tara Paterson

With Thanksgiving nearly upon us, the kids out of school for the week, and family in town for the holiday, it can be a stressful but rewarding time. JustForMom founder, parenting expert and mom (of four boys) Tara Paterson stopped by recently to share tips on how moms can get organized, manage everything and actually find time for themselves this season!



JustForMom founder and parent expert Tara Paterson with her boys. Image courtesy of

JustForMom founder and parent expert Tara Paterson with her boys. Image courtesy of



Candace Rose: Being a mom is such a rewarding job, but I’m sure it can be stressful at times. Do you have any sanity saving secrets to share with moms today?

Tara Paterson: “As a mom of four, being prepared and being organized is definitely key in managing everything. It’s not easy to juggle work for some, or the house, or kids, or school, and sports and everything. Being prepared and being organized is super important, and of course here on the East Coast we’ve learned a hard lesson on being prepared. And if we weren’t, then next time we’ll make sure we are. So that’s definitely a big one.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any advice on getting the kids organized regardless of what age they are?

Tara Paterson: “I have a good tip for kids and parents alike in terms of that and also being prepared for whatever.

I have a great suggestion here: Duracell has this brand new innovative line of batteries with Duralock technology. It actually locks in the power of batteries up to 10 years in storage. And why I say this is great for organizing kids and family, it’s great to have on hand for everything from your game controllers to toys. And then also for emergency prepared reasons you can pick up extra ones and throw them into your kit.

It came up recently for Christmas when your kids get the toys that don’t come with batteries, if you’ve already got some set aside it’s a great way to make sure you have what you need and you can always replace them later. So it is kind of an organization for both parents and kids, because you know they’re always asking for batteries.”


Candace Rose: What are some of the latest advancements to make every stage easier?

Tara Paterson: “One thing for me with four kids is laundry is definitely a challenge. It’s a chore. I’m constantly doing it no matter what. Every day I probably do a load of wash. For kids who play sports- and my boys get their t-shirts covered with grass stains or their socks, I want something that’s going to work, it’s really going to get the clothes clean so that I don’t have to go rewash loads of laundry and that adds more to my list. Tide has this Vivid White and Bright detergent which is perfect for that given that it takes the dinginess out of clothing.

And also having boys, they also don’t smell the greatest, so my tip for that is- Downy Unstopables are really cool. They’re a scented bead that you throw into the wash- you can throw as few or as many as you want. It actually enhances the scent of your clothing. It lasts up to 12 weeks. If you’re getting prepared and putting summer things away, next summer when you pull out these clothes they’ll still smell like you just washed them.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Tara Paterson: “As moms we always put ourselves last on the list, and it’s really important for us to take care of ourselves but we don’t want to add a lot of time to our to do list or money, especially during the holidays. So one thing you can do that is already a part of your budget and your routine, but will also make you feel great is brighten your smile. It’s kind of the essence of who a mom is. This line from Crest that’s a 3D White Arctic Fresh line. There’s a MultiCare toothpaste and toothbrush that basically takes the surface stains from your teeth in as few as two days. So if you have upcoming portraits for the holidays, a party that you’re going to- this is definitely the thing to do. It will brighten your smile. And again, you’re already brushing your teeth, so it’s a part of your routine, and you’re already buying toothpaste so it’s a part of your budget.”

Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Tara Paterson: “You can go to and you can also go to Twitter @PGconnect to find out all about these different items, and time saving tips and things to do with them.”


Candace Rose: Where can viewers go for more information on you, Tara?

Tara Paterson: “They can go to my website at”



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