Interview: Mobile Holiday Shopping 101 with Brett Larson

Are you hitting the mall on Thanksgiving night or early Black Friday? With so many new shopping apps on the market for one’s smartphone, do you know which one to choose from? Tech expert Brett Larson has the scoop on everything to make shopping easier this holiday season, how to keep your images and files safe on your computer and smartphone, the world’s smallest eReader, a hot new gaming keyboard, and much more!






Candace Rose: What are the latest mobile shopping trends you’re seeing?

Brett Larson: “Some really cool stuff, Candie. One of the trends we’re seeing for mobile marketing from AT&T is proof that you need to have your cellphone out with you when you are out shopping. Mobile barcodes, SMS marketing, geofencing. You’re literally going to be able to be out in the mall and they’re going to be able to alert you to a sale in a store you might be standing in front of. Or you’re going to see these QR codes on pictures, on posters. So whenever you’re out shopping you’re going to snap a photo and it’s going to send you to more information. So when you are out shopping this holiday season definitely make sure you have your smartphone and definitely get one of those QR reader applications for whatever smartphone you have, so you can be in touch with all the good deals. I think there’s going to be a lot of good deals to be had for the savvy shopper this year.”

Candace Rose: That could be dangerous!

Brett Larson: “Yeah, it could be! You could be spending a lot more money than you want to this holiday season with your smartphone.

But something else to go along with your smartphone is power. When you’re surfing away looking for the good deals and what have you, you need a lot of power- we’ve got you covered. Duracell Powermat 24 hour Power System. Get this- it’s a couple different things. You’ve got a backup battery pack, and what’s cool about this is it charges up and it’ll give you one full charge for your smartphone, and when you get home you just drop it on the Powermat and it starts to charge itself back up. But wait there’s more- there’s also a case for your phone (you can get a case for your iPhone 4 or the 4S or the Samsung Galaxy S3) and it’s going to keep your phone safe. When you get home to charge your phone up, you just charge it there on the Powermat and it goes ahead and charges it for you. No fumbling for cords, and the cases come in a variety of colors. What’s cool about this is your Powermat will charge two things at once, and the Duracell Powermat’s are available at all AT&T stores. If you have one of the backup batteries or the case, when you’re in the store you can drop your phone down, get a little extra juice and keep on shopping and surfing the web.”



Duracell Powermat. Image courtesy of

Duracell Powermat. Image courtesy of


Candace Rose: Are there any other hot tech products we should keep an eye out for this year?

Brett Larson: “e-Readers have become huge, and we found the smallest e-reader, it’s the 5-inch Kobo mini e-Reader (please see video above).  It’s the smallest, lightest full featured e-Reader in the world. What’s great about this is it’s got the glare free e-ink so you can go through and read your book on the touchscreen and not have to worry about glare when you’re outside. It’s fully customizable- the fonts and the font sizes, but also the back. You can change out the colored back plates. There’s five interchangeable colors there that you can snap on. The Kobo mini e-Reader will hold 1,000 books so you’ll have 1,000 books in your pocket. On the Kobo bookstore there are 3 million books available- 1 million of those books are available for free. You can load it up over WIFI. It’s nice, fits in the palm of your hand and will fit in your pocket- great for that holiday travel season.”


kobo mini

kobo mini. Image courtesy of



Also important for the holidays is keeping those holiday memories safe. is here to help. It’s an online backup system. What’s great about this is you install it, it backs up all your stuff to the Cloud, and you are good to go. You can then access those backups from any internet connected device including your smartphone- the iPhone, Android smartphone. They actually have an app you can use to access your Carbonite backups, or even better, you can backup your smartphone with the smartphone app. You can be at a dinner party and say ‘Oh, you’ve got to see these pictures of my kids or these boring pictures of my vacation’, and you can get them out of your Carbonite backup on your mobile phone.




Carbonite. Image courtesy of



And last but certainly not least, gaming still continues to be hugely popular and Logitech is here to help for the gamer on your list. 72% of American households have a gamer there. We’ve got the keyboard – the Logitech G710+ is a mechanical gaming keyboard. Mechanical is the way it works so it’s going to have good tactile feedback.It’s got backlit keys, you can adjust the backlighting. It also has programmable G-keys, which you can program for your favorite games. Even if you’re not a gamer, you might consider this if you do a lot of typing. It has a really nice feel; it doesn’t feel squishy. It feels like a solid keyboard.


Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Image courtesy of



So much great stuff this holiday season. is where you need to go for this and so much more.


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