Interview: How to Throw a Holiday Bash with Ease with Lifestyle Expert Sissy Biggers

Looking to throw a holiday party this season? Lifestyle expert and TV personality Sissy Biggers joined me recently to discuss how you can entertain guests with ease this holiday season, and get the kids involved in the prep too!



Lifestyle expert Sissy Biggers joined Candace Rose to chat about holiday entertaining! Image courtesy of

Lifestyle expert Sissy Biggers joined Candace Rose to chat about holiday entertaining! Image courtesy of






Candace Rose: With the holidays upon us, what’s the secret to throwing a party our guests will love?

Sissy Biggers: “Well, it’s important to think of the holiday season as a marathon rather than a sprint, Candace. You’ll have a party or you’ll have house guests, so visualize how it’s all going to work. I have some ideas on things I think will work whether you’re having a party or whether you’re having some house guests coming and going, or expecting some impromptu drop-ins.

I’m going to start in the grocery store aisle where I’ll pick up my Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to blend at home. At this time of year they’ve got some great flavors out there- a gingerbread cookie, a mocha mint that really double up as great gifts that you have in your pantry. Pop a ribbon on it, and that flavor of the season really makes it special. A hot cup of quality coffee is something you want to be sure you can offer your guests.


Candace Rose: Do you have any suggestions when it comes to meal planning?

Sissy Biggers: “Well, meal planning, while I’m in the beverage frame of mind I want to mention one other thing because I sort of think of beverages as an afterthought because I’m still thinking about the meals. Be sure you have a good sparkling drink in the house that everybody can enjoy. This is (please see video above) R.W. Knudsen’s celebratory beverage, it’s a wonderful 100% fruit, all natural, no sweeteners sparkling drink from pomegranate, blueberry, apple, that everybody can enjoy. It’s festive, it’s a simple way to make a really great statement with the family.

When it comes to food, this also pairs beautifully with the fruit forward Orchard’ Finest Smucker’s Preserves. You want to have good quality preserves, and this is the best fruits in the best places. It’s so versatile, Candace. Whether you’re topping it on a waffle or a wonderful appetizer to start your meal- just doing baguettes that you get cut on the cutter at the supermarket, toast them up with goat cheese spread on top, and then this Orchard’s Finest Triple Berry from Smucker’s is a sweet and savory combination that you can have in the cupboard. The goat cheese has a great shelf life (that’s in the fridge), then you’ve got your Triple Berry ready to go. They’ve got a wonderful Cherry that would be good with Gorgonzola. Start thinking about the sweet and savory combination with the cheese and the preserves. I think that’s a really fun tip.

Finally before we go, I’ve got Rice Krispies treats, Candace. When we were girls we would stamp them into a Pyrex and make some squares or a triangle, but now they’ve got these wonderful ways to really take it to another dimension. These are the Tree Trimmers, they’re Rice Krispies treats in the shape of an ornament that you might see on a Christmas tree or on the buffet table where they other desserts are laid out. They’re fun, they’re festive, they’re delicious. If you follow Pinterest, Rice Krispies is there with all of their Snack, Crackle and Pop ideas to create really fun festive things, and of course that all important family time in the kitchen creating something with your kids really easily.”


Candace Rose: A party is never complete without festive decor. Do you have any decorating tips you can share with us?

Sissy Biggers: “I like to just mix it up. I just keep my eyes peeled. I’m kind of like a glitter girl. I like to mix glittery pine cones. I live in Connecticut so I can go pull some pine cones on one of my walks and I mix them up a little bit. I mix golds and reds and silvers. I have no rhyme, no method to my madness. I just love all different decorations for the season in all different gilds and sparkles.”

Candace Rose: They sound beautiful.

Sissy Biggers: “Thank you, they are. Like I said, really simple. It’s a bunch of mix and match, just festive and fun.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Sissy Biggers: “Well, I would say lastly, Candace- when somebody asks ‘What can I bring?’, take them up on it. Give them some guidance when they say ‘What can I bring?’ Think about that one thing you don’t like to make, and have them bring that. That way you can count on it. Maybe it’s a holiday staple; maybe it’s their specialty, and then make sure you write it on a stick ’em and put it on the dining room table and you write that down so you won’t forget they’re making it and don’t double up on the same dish.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Sissy Biggers: “Go to”


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