Interview: Holiday Tech Gifts for the Entire Family with Technology Expert Scott Steinberg

Looking for the hottest tech gadgets the entire family will love? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Renowned tech expert, author and media personality Scott Steinberg joined me yesterday to dish on the top gadgets, devices, and games the tech lover in your life will adore this holiday season!






Candace Rose: What are the must have items we’re seeing this season?

Scott Steinberg: “Well, lots of great options, especially for the entire family. Right off the bat we have Scribblenauts Unlimited (please see video above for details). This one is new for the Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and PC. The latest in the award winning, best selling puzzle game franchise U Adventure in this seamless wide open world, and you help hero Maxwell solve puzzles in a novel way. You do it by basically imagining any object and summoning it to be in the object editor. You can give creations unique properties, share them online.

If you are going online to shop for holiday deals this year, I would also check out You can get the world’s best selling smartphone- the Samsung Galaxy S III 16 GB version for just $49.99 with a two year plan. That’s a savings of $150 and you can also get big deals on other Android phones as well, such as the Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Victory- those are free actually with a two year plan. And the nice part is if you go with Sprint you actually get truly unlimited 4G LTE data which is a nice bonus.

And if you’re an action sports fan, check out out the Looxcie HD. This one is really cool. It’s a hands-free wearable camera that simultaneously lets you record 1080p HD video and lets you stream it live online to friends and family.

It’s a great looking picture, it’s WIFI enabled and it turns your smartphone or tablet into an online sharing portal. Beyond this, if you’reĀ  traveling, I would also have a look at G-Technology’s G-Drive mobile, the one TB edition. Portable external storage solution, great for laptop users- works with Mac, works with PC. You can store music, movies, photos, documents, files. It’s USB 3.0 so it’s very fast, and you can find that at Apple stores.

If you’re doing some holiday entertaining you can’t beat the SodaStream Source soda maker as well. Designer Yves Behar helped create the elegant look here. The entire top surface responds to touch. It’s got an LED display and three fizziness levels. If you order it by December 9th you can actually get a couple bottles of soda mix or a holiday sampler completely free.

But if you are shopping online, especially if you’re doing it from a mobile device, it also pays to pay attention to some Norton by Symantec’s safety tips. You might want to search for the Norton seal when shopping online. Make sure you’re only shopping at trusted retailers if you’re using public WIFI. You don’t want to give out sensitive data like your credit card number. Also, you’ve got to have strong secure passwords and unique passwords for every site and service. And of course if the deal looks too good to be true, don’t click on it. As a backup you can also get solutions like Norton 360 Multi-Device and this will protect all your high tech gear. But really be safe, be smart and use a little commonsense, and you can have tons of fun and get some great deals this holiday season.”

Candace Rose: What are some of the biggest tech trends you’ve seen this year?

Scott Steinberg: “Well, obviously big rise in smartphones and tablets. You’re seeing things like the iPad mini that are coming in, in smaller form factors getting more power. You’re seeing new systems like the Wii U and these traditional set-top gaming systems now powered by a tablet like controller. You’re also seeing all sorts of cool deal saving apps, and other sites like you can go to get deals, and also getting bar code scanners. I like Milo: Local Shopping, and eBay’s RedLaser where you can basically go into the store, scan and find out if you’re getting the lowest prices in the area right then and there.

So some pretty amazing tech trends. Everything is connected- Cloud services, a lot more power, and lot smaller prices, especially on things like HDTV and 3D TV sets.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Scott Steinberg: “Well, I’d like to say if you’re shopping, I always recommend start by shopping online. Look for prices and deals. You can Google things like ‘coupon code’ to get discount codes, good for savings right away. You can Google things like ‘Black Friday ads’, and one of the things you can do is actually buy online to get the deal and the savings, and pick up in store so you don’t have to deal with the crowds.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Scott Steinberg: “Stop by Lots of tips and advice there for your holiday shopping.”




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