Interview: Holiday Meal Planning & Entertaining with Cooking Channel’s Eden Grinshpan

With Thanksgiving less than a month away, it’s time to start planning that perfect holiday meal! Celebrity chef and Eden Eats host (airs on the Cooking Channel) Eden Grinshpan joined me to share tips on how you can add a twist to your delicious turkey dinner and scrumptious side dishes just time for your Turkey Day celebration! She also discussed how you can help military families have a “brighter holiday season.”





Candace Rose: What does the modern version of the Thanksgiving table look like?

Eden Grinshpan: “Well, half of America are enjoying their dinner with not just their immediate family, but with extended family, guests and neighbors, which means there are lots of palettes to please. America is so multicultural, we decided to take traditional dishes and put that little twist on it and that is what this holiday season is all about.”


Candace Rose: How can families uphold cherished holiday traditions while keeping the new American home in mind?

Eden Grinshpan: “What I did is I took traditional dishes that you expect and you wait for all year long and put that little twist. So for instance I have a roasted sweet potato side dish with a Chimichurri, so you’ve got a nice cool South American vibe from your sweet potato dish.



And I also have a curried carrot and lentil soup, which has beautiful curried powder, some coriander and some fresh cilantro, and it adds a really exotic flair to your traditional holiday dinner.

I know all year long you wait for turkey, right? Most families want turkey for their holidays so I decided to put a twist on a roasted turkey. I decided to stuff the turkey with not a regular stuffing, but a pita stuffing. How does that sound?”



Candace Rose: Sounds delicious!

Eden Grinshpan: “So I stuffed the turkey with pine nuts, currants, pita and beautiful Mediterranean spices like cinnamon and cumin, coriander and it really just jazzes up a traditional dish that you’re expecting for your holiday dinner and giving it a whole new look, like a cool little Mediterranean makeover. I roasted the turkey right here in Kenmore’s Double Oven which does double duty. You roast the turkey on top and you can also prepare your side dishes on the bottom or bake up your grandma’s apple pie at the same time. You get your food on the table in twice the time.”

Candace Rose: It doesn’t get any better than that!

Eden Grinshpan: “No it doesn’t because you want to cook and get out and eat!”

Candace Rose: Absolutely, especially when it comes to entertaining guests because that can be stressful.

Eden Grinshpan: “Absolutely, and all these recipes that I just told you about are going to be featured on Kenmore’s new recipe called, which is a great website where you can upload and share your own twist to traditional dishes and also view hundreds of other recipes for their tips and their traditional dishes.

And every time you upload and share a recipe a dollar gets donated to Heroes At Home, which will make military families a brighter holiday season.”

Candace Rose: Oh that’s wonderful.

Eden Grinshpan: “Yes, doing something good for others while you also do something good for yourself. And then on top of that, you can create your own custom cookbook on, which is just like the coolest thing ever. Why not be a rock star this holiday season? Why not have your own cookbook, that’s the coolest thing.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional information you’d like to share with us?

Eden Grinshpan: “Just pretty much every time you upload and share on a dollar gets donated to Heroes At Home. Go on there and explore, get some inspiration for your next holiday season and do something good while you’re doing it. And then create your own rockin’ cookbook.”



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