Interview: Holiday Gift Must Haves for the Tech Lover Or Guy in Your Life with Steve Truitt

Cyber Monday marks the biggest online shopping day of the year, and we have the scoop on how you can shop and donate to your favorite charity at the same time. If you’re looking for the hottest new tech gadget or a great gift for that special guy in your life, you’re in luck! Tech and lifestyle expert Steve Truitt joined me this week to talk about his favorite new gadgets for the smartphone, your iPad, fashion trends and much more!

Steve Truitt talks holiday gift must haves! Image courtesy of

Steve Truitt talks holiday gift must haves! Image courtesy of




Candace Rose: What’s the secret to purchasing a great tech gift this holiday season, and what should we be looking for?

Steve Truitt: “Well, I think what you want to look for is anything new; anything that’s slightly off from anything that you’re used to- which is basically what this table is about (please see video above for details!).

Something I discovered over the summer that I love is the Logitech UE Boombox. It’s a wireless speaker for your cell phone, for your smartphone, for your tablet. It works up to 50 feet away from the device. It comes in different colors, it’s completely sturdy. It’s a lot of fun. It’s reasonably priced at $99. You can take it anywhere you go, and have music with you wherever you go- whether you’re camping, your car (if you don’t have a stereo in your car); you can put it next to you while you’re barbecuing, or anywhere. It’s just a really great device.


If you’re looking for something in terms of making life easier for you, you really want to think about shopping online. Online shopping has been increasing every year as it’s becoming more popular. And this year I think it’s going to be the biggest ever, especially on Cyber Monday which is the Monday after Thanksgiving. The Monday after Black Friday everybody goes to look for deals. What better place to go than a place where you can go and shop and donate to one of your favorite causes, and that’s This is a free online shopping gateway for people who want to donate to their favorite causes while they’re shopping for gifts for their loved ones or for themselves. There are 2500 popular retailers there- you can go to Macy’s, you can go to Target and all kinds of places. While you’re there you can donate to your favorite causes.

You can do this 365 days a year, but coming up on Cyber Monday on, sign up, shop and donate, they will match (dollar for dollar) every dollar that you donate to your favorite cause. There are over 1.5 million causes listed there, but if you don’t find yours you can add yours as well and donate to it.”


Candace Rose: What are some of the most popular trends you’re seeing this year?

Steve Truitt: “When I think trends, I think fashion, I think about clothes. I’m a big fan of Nautica. I grew up on the East Coast, I really like sweaters and feeling East Coasty, and that’s what Nautica’s really all about. The chunky knit sweater is a must have for the guy in your life. The Fair Isle collection (from Nautica) is a classy look, and has a few new little tweaks to it, which includes a 1/4 zip neckline; or a shawl neckline with a bit of a toggle. Any guy would love this. It’s 100% cotton, it’s really comfortable and it looks great.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share with us?

Steve Truitt: “Sure I’m a big fan of Apple. When it doubt Apple, Apple, Apple. When it doubt go to If there’s someone on your list who needs a piece of technology it’s easy and it’s easy and intuitive if you’re not really computer savvy.

The iPad 3 HD with Retina Display is in a sleeve here (please see video above), and it’s attached to a Bluetooth keyboard. I bought this at, it’s a third party product, and it’s a Bluetooth keyboard so you can type it and treat it just like a keyboard. It’s like a laptop. I take it with me when I travel. I write with it on the airplane, I do emails. It’s a great accessory if you already have an iPad. If you don’t have an iPad, check out the iPad 3 and the iPad mini which is the newest thing that everyone seems to want.”


Candace Rose: Is it easy to write with iPad?

Steve Truitt: Yes (with the keyboard). Yes, it’s just like a keyboard, it’s got everything you want, including sound, up and down and every little key that you would have on a normal keyboard.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information on everything you mentioned?

Steve Truitt: “Well, you can go to and search for anything you want to buy this year. You can also check the sweaters at will have the boombox for you as well. And of course if you want to buy an Apple product.”


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