Interview: Easy Thanksgiving Day Leftover Meal Ideas with “The Chew’s” Chef Jason Roberts

With Thanksgiving Day less than a week away (where has the time gone?) many of us have already started planning our Turkey Day meal with family and friends! But for most of us once Thanksgiving passes us by, we’re left with an abundance of leftovers we just don’t know what to do with. Chef Jason Roberts of ABC’s The Chew joined me this week to dish on his favorite recipes to create with Turkey Day leftovers- from the basic crepe to Mac and Cheese, and delicious gluten free dessert options you and your guests are sure to love.

Chef Jason Roberts of ABC's The Chew talks Thanksgiving Day leftover meal ideas with Candace Rose (aka Candy-Candace!)

Chef Jason Roberts of ABC’s The Chew talks Thanksgiving Day leftover meal ideas with Candace Rose (aka Candy-Candace!)



Be sure to watch the video below for details on how Chef Jason created these wonderful leftover meals, and why I’m now only answering to Candy-Candace! 😉






Candace Rose: Thanksgiving is just a week away, and most of us will be dining on turkey, stuffing and cranberries. Do you have any suggestions on what we can do with leftovers?

Jason Roberts: “I have many suggestions on what you can do with leftovers from Thanksgiving. Think about it- look, Thanksgiving is definitely one of those days where a lot of preparation goes into the turkey or the leg of lamb you want to do- or actually just getting your family together on any Thanksgiving Day is a nightmare in it self. Think about all those meals after, we’re not going to go to a lot of effort. Make sure your pantry has things like eggs, flour, sugar, salt, pastas- all these elements blend themselves quite nicely as blank canvases. Whether it’s turkey or ham, you can shred meat and throw it in salads, soups, risottos, crepes, omelets and all that good stuff.


So I thought today I’d show you how to make just the basic crepe: (please see video for recipes).

So what I’ve done in my beautiful OrGreenics nonstick pan, is I’ve taken a ladle of crepe batter which is basically eggs, milk flour,  a little bit of salt (you may want to put a little sugar in it). Put it in your pan and allow it to run around a couple of times. It should be thin- you want it nice and lacy like. Top it with cranberry and shredded turkey, arugula, spinach, or kale if you choose.


Basic crepe with Thanksgiving Day leftover turkey, cranberries and more!

Basic crepe with Thanksgiving Day leftover turkey, cranberries and more!


So we’ll allow this to cook for a couple of seconds and think about other things like Mac and Cheese.

With Mac and Cheese what you’d do is take your basic white sauce and then add a little tomato paste, throw in your shredded turkey, some roasted sweet potatoes (if you’d like) and different cheeses – parmesan, gruyere, mozzarella- for that nice stretchy gooiness; some fresh herbs- rosemary, thyme. If you don’t have those things, don’t worry too much; the whole idea is just using them up and making it more than just going to the fridge for a handful of turkey. You can make some great dishes!


I’ve also got a couple of other sweet dishes that I thought would be nice. With Thanksgiving at times, you might have somebody over that’s a Celiac, so I like to do two different dishes.


Gluten free rice pudding and gingerbread desserts!

Gluten free rice pudding and gingerbread desserts!


Gingerbread– you can make a week before, but when it comes to reconstituting it or reheating it, with gingerbread you can butter it, add sugar and then caramelize it in a nonstick pan. Serve it with caramelized apples and some whipped cream.

I also have some riced pudding. Riced pudding is gluten free. There are a lot of people that come to my house that are gluten free or who just choose to eat gluten free food anyway. So rice, like an Arborio rice that you cook with milk, vanilla, sugar and finish it with butter toasted almonds and maybe some orange.


It’s all about portion control. Thanksgiving Day is the day you absolutely stuff yourself to the maximum….and then you’ve managed to fit more in. The next day you need to chill out a little bit. Portion control is everything when it comes to getting back on track.”

Candace Rose: Well, thank you Jason! Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Jason Roberts: “If you want these recipes and information on the cookware go to


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