Interview: Cold and Flu Prevention with Fitness and Nutrition Expert Kelli Calabrese

With winter nearly upon us and the stressful (yet fun) holidays right around the corner, fitness and nutrition expert Kelli Calabrese joined me to chat about simple ways we can prevent the nasty cold and flu bug from hitting us this season, and more!

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Candace Rose: With cold and flu season upon us what can we do to prevent getting sick this fall and winter?

Kelli Calabrese: “You know, Candace we want to be able to enjoy ourselves all the time so there’s definitely natural things we can do to stay well. We want to get our bodies moving everyday. Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean we can take a break for the whole season. We also want to make sure we’re staying hydrated – water is always going to be our beverage of choice or organic milk is also very good. Sleep is going to be so important for our immunity – and for adults it’s about seven hours a night, and kids it’s eight or more if they’re younger.

And Candace, speaking of kids, one of my tips for them is to get a natural safe and great tasting probiotic like the Nutrilite Seasonal Strength by Amway. And as a mom what I love about that is they get 20% of the vitamin C that they need for the day, and the kids love it because it’s great tasting. It comes in a cherry flavor that they grow on their certified organic trees. So just oneĀ a day can really help their digestive health which is connected to their immunity.”


Candace Rose: Is there anything else that kids and adults can do to prevent getting sick this season?

Kelli Calabrese: “Absolutely. One of them is there are definitely specific foods that are known to boost immunity. One of them is ginger, and you can eat it raw, you can boil it, you can cook it. You can use it in tea. Another is honey which you can get locally – local honey is great. And citrus fruits like oranges. People always think about orange juice as they feel a cold coming on. Lemon is good. Grapefruit is good. Chamomile tea is another great one.

And I know people might think this is an old wives tale, but honestly chicken soup is a great immunity booster, so don’t wait until you’re sick to go out and get some organic chicken broth, and load it up with lots of vegetables that are filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients. Those are going to help you to stay well.”


Candace Rose: You mentioned exercise for cold and flu prevention, but is it ever okay to exercise when you are sick?

Kelli Calabrese: “As long as you don’t have a fever, that is usually the determining factor for whether you can exercise or not. But if you feel well enough, you will almost always feel better after you exercise . But you wouldn’t push yourself to the level of exhaustion that you might if you were well. So kind of exercise some common sense, and a brisk walk is probably a great idea and definitely some stretching.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Kelli Calabrese: “Definitely some stress management during the holidays – learn to say no, and also plan for some schedule downtime. Do some deep breathing, some meditation, some relaxation and some stretching.

And Candace if they want to find out about that great kids probiotic they can go to or they can go to my website which is”


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