Book Review: House Beautiful: The Apartment Book

I believe it was about four years ago when I decided I was going to redecorate my bedroom. I removed wallpaper, painted my walls, bought new bedding, and that was as far as it went. I’d stare endlessly at my furniture in my small bedroom, and stress myself out because I didn’t know where anything fit, and ultimately I gave up. As someone with a quaint living space and a love for antiques, it resembled a museum.

Recently I was approached about reviewing the book “House Beautiful: The Apartment Book”, and thought if anything could help me solve my design dilemma this sounded like it would be it. The cover is absolutely beautiful (please see image below), not only does it include my beloved Foo Dogs, and coral, but ginger jars and turquoise lamps….just my style! I can’t tell you how much I love the book (or how often I’ve had to hide it from relatives), it’s phenomenal. Not only does it include beautiful images of small spaces, but it teaches you how to incorporate your own pieces into your humble abode. For instance the “12 Tricks That Make Your Space Look Larger” is very informational and easy to read for design novices. As someone with a love of flowers, I love this random tip from the book “You’ll never be wrong to embellish your living room with a vase of fresh flowers. Or if you have natural light, use a large potted plant”. The “Befores and Afters” are fab too! Seriously though, the entire book is fantastic.  If you’re looking to redecorate any or every area of your home, or just looking to maximize your living space, this is definitely the must have book for you!



As for me, thanks to this wonderful book I’ve decided to start redecorating my bedroom again; I bought a new set of curtains, looking to purchase a new chevron print rug, and slowly but surely have a room I look forward to calling my own!


Disclaimer: Book was sent for review; I was not paid to review the product. Opinions are my own (as always).


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