Video: Throw A Dog Party with Big Rich Texas Stars Wendy & Nikki

It’s no secret to those who know me or follow me on Instagram, that my dogs are my life! I adore them and their bad habits. 😉 I think most dog owners (I’m pretty sure my dogs own me) will agree! I do celebrate their birthdays, but have never had the courage to throw them a birthday party. I have a feeling my Yorkie wouldn’t be too fond of that!!! Well, Big Rich Texas reality stars Wendy and Nikki created an exclusive video for the Style Network teaching dog owners and pet lovers how to create the perfect dog party – from who to invite to hiring a doggie masseuse to making a liver cake (I’m sure mine would prefer any cake off my plate), and much more!

The cast of Style Network's reality drama Big Rich Texas. Image courtesy of

The cast of Style Network’s reality drama Big Rich Texas. Image courtesy of










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