Video: Sneak Peek of ‘Big Rich Texas’ Season Premiere!

Tonight is the big season 3 premiere of the reality drama ‘Big Rich Texas’ on Style network, and we have a sneak peek video clip for you!


The reality hit drama “Big Rich Texas” premieres tonight, Sunday October 7 at 8/7c on the Style Network. Image courtesy of Facebook.

According to the Style Network “Coming off of its most-watched season-to-date, “Big Rich Texas” returns for a third season on Sunday, October 7 at 8pm ET/PT. Big changes are in store for Woodhaven Country Club this season as the dynamics of the group change once again when a new mother/daughter duo enters the picture. Single mom Cindy spends her days shopping and her nights partying while her daughter, Alex, is forced to take on the role of the mother. While her brash personality upsets most of the other women, Cindy finds a friend in Leslie who has recently started dating a billionaire and has just returned to the club after months of jet setting. Cindy empowers Leslie to stand up for herself once and for all, causing Leslie to take on longtime rival Melissa and to confront Bon about their rocky relationship.”


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