SALE ALERT: Kate Spade New York Friends & Family Sale + Fashion Favorites!

It’s no secret I adore everything Kate Spade, especially her fab accessories. In July of last year I finally purchased the white iPhone I had been coveting for years, and went out and bought a leopard print Kate Spade iPhone 4 case to accessorize it (Kobe Bryant and I have something in common!). Never have I ever been more thankful to have ever made a purchase! Not only did the case look beyond fab with my phone, but it saved me after I made the idiotic mistake of accidentally leaving my phone on the roof of my car, when I drove off from a neighbors house (about two miles away). When I got home and realized my phone wasn’t in my car, I went back and found my phone fully intact at the stop sign (with the case still on mind you) and in great condition.  Thankfully I’ve been more careful about accidentally driving off with my lifeline on the car! Needless to say, I’m thankful for this purchase. Now if only I would have managed to snag that triple strand yellow Kate Spade I was eying last Christmas, life would be complete. 😉


Well, lucky for us, Ms. Kate Spade’s friends and family sale is taking place right now on everything from clothing, handbags, accessories, tech items, bedding and bath merchandise, wedding gifts and more!!! We only have until Sunday, October 21st to save 30% on merchandise with code: F12FFUS.

Here are a few of my fashion + accessories favs!


Kate Spade sequin robbie skirt in Gold (perfect for the holidays!)

Kate Spade sequin robbie skirt in Gold (perfect for the holidays!)






My beloved Kate Spade iPhone cases:

iPad case:


































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