Interview: The Season’s Hottest Beauty Trends & Must Haves with Beauty Expert Ning Chao

Can you believe that October is officially upon us? By now your summer tan has probably begun to fade and your beauty routine is in dire need of change, if you haven’t altered it already. Bicoastal beauty editor Ning Chao joined me recently to chat about prepping your skin for cooler weather, how to get a beautiful faux glow, and my favorite of all, a fabulous brush that cuts blow dry time by 30%. YES, PLEASE!!! And the best part is they’re all available at the drugstore. Can’t beat that! She also dropped hints on the hottest beauty trends we’ll all be coveting this season. Bye bye neons, hello gemstone colors!



Beauty editor Ning Chao with the biggest beauty buys and top trends for fall 2012!






Candace Rose: With fall upon us, what are the biggest beauty must haves this season and where do we start?

Ning Chao: “Whenever the seasons change, you always want to start with skincare. It’s a good time to update your skincare routine and make changes based on what your skin needs. So now that we’re turning into fall and it’s getting a little bit colder, your skin is going to be naturally drier and a little more red and irritated, so that’s why I love the new Simple’s Facial Skincare Line. It has all the good ingredients and none of the bad. The moisturizing facial wash cleanses and nourishes the skin with pro vitamin B5. There’s also vitamin E. I love how soft it makes my face feel. It’s perfect even for sensitive skin. It’s available at Walmart for $6.99. For more information about the entire line you should go to Simple’s Facebook page.”



Candace Rose: How about for the body?

Ning Chao: “Now that summer is over you might be missing your sun kissed glow. But you can actually prolong it all year round with the Jergen’s Natural Glow collection. I actually love this because I feel a sun kissed glow makes your skin look more radiant, and makes you look younger and more healthy, and a little bit slimmer too. This is a daily moisturizer that has a built in touch of self tanner. It actually lasts longer- twice as long as other self tanning lotions. It’s packed with antioxidants, there’s vitamin E so you’re really nourishing your skin at the same time. You can replace your body lotion with it, and it’s easy to apply. It comes in two shades- there’s fair to medium, and medium to tan. My advice is that if you’re somebody who is paler or who has avoided the sun all summer to start with the fair to medium, and then you can build up your glow. Or if you naturally have darker skin or if you want to get more of an easier bronzier color you can go to medium to tan. It’s very natural, it’s a gradual self tanner.”



Candace Rose: What are the latest hair trends, and must haves for hair?

Ning Chao: “With hair for the fall, it’s really about healthy shiny hair. I have long hair, it takes forever for my hair to dry and then I have to style it, which is totally a nightmare because it takes so long. But then I discovered the Goody QuikStyle Brush Collection which has saved me time because it’s like a towel and a brush in one. You can see that it’s very unique looking- there are two types of bristles. There are ball tip bristles that detangle and smooth your hair and also these blue microfiber bristles which are like little mini sponges that actually remove water from the hair so that your hair dries faster and you don’t have to spend as much time blow drying it and putting heat onĀ  it. It’s great because when you use it to just detangle your hair, you’re removing 30% of water while you’re just brushing your hair. That really cuts down on drying time, you don’t have to style it for as long. It comes in two types- there’s a paddle which is really big, which I like on my hair because my hair is really long and I can just detangle my hair really fast with it. There’s also the new half round styling brush which you can see has a curved shape (it’s almost like a half moon) so that shape is going to lift your hair and add body while you’re blow drying. You can literally go out of the shower when your hair is soaking wet and you detangle it with this brush, and then you put a blow dryer on it and you don’t need to use a separate styling brush, this one you can style with two. It’ll replace your round brush, you don’t have to go back in with the curling iron, you’re all ready to go and you’ve saved a lot of time in the morning.”


Totally convinced I need this Goody QuikStyle Brush!


Candace Rose: What are the top makeup trends?

Ning Chao: “For this season it’s all about a cat eyeliner. You can either go dramatic or you can go very demure with it. But it’s more of a swoop eyeliner. There’s also a lot of gemstone eye shadows that are really popular- think sapphire blue or an amethyst purple, emerald greens; and also a deeper burgundy color lip. So red lips are always in fashion for fall, but this year it’s a little bit deeper in a burgundy kind of shade.”



Candace Rose: Nails were really big over the summer. What are the top colors for nails this season?

Ning Chao: “It’s actually more about green this fall. It’s not so much a bright, bright green but almost like a teal color which I think is really beautiful.”

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