Interview: Prep Your Home for Fall & Colder Weather with Lifestyle Expert Laura Dellutri

Are you the type who does all your cleaning once a year? I know it can be tempting to put it off, I’m  guilty of it too. Deep cleaning can be an overwhelming task, especially if done annually, but year after year, we continue to do the same thing. Lifestyle expert and TV personality Laura Dellutri of joined me this week to share her top tips for making cleaning more manageable, and her favorite products to do so!

Candace Rose: With fall officially upon us how can we make an overwhelming task seem more manageable?

Laura Dellutri: “First of all, don’t just do it once a year. If you want to make it more manageable you have to do something in the fall and in the spring. I think that’s the number one thing. I have four preventive cleaning tips. These are going to save everyone time.

  • When it comes to your refrigerator, make sure you’re cleaning and wiping your jars. Also, get a refrigerator liner. Lay it down, cut it to fit and it’s going to be making that a lot easier.
  • When it comes to your oven – it’s holiday baking time. Take a look at silicone oven liners. They’re only around $15 and if you don’t want to invest some money, just get some aluminum foil, and line it. It’s going to make it easy.
  • When it comes to your shower, your stainless steel sinks, they can get those white water spots or that white chalky look. I recommend lemon oil – twice a month, it’s going to repel the soap scum and keep them looking great.
  • When it comes to dust, keep those garage doors closed and those windows. And those high dust first, vacuum last, and always use a HEPA vacuum.”

Candace Rose: Speaking of vacuuming, floors can be such a daunting task. What tips do you have when it comes to floor cleaning?

Laura Dellutri: “Well, the pros at Stanley Steemer recommend that you actually do a professional deep cleaning twice a year to maintain the health and the value of your home. Dirt never quits; it’s like tooth decay- it gets into those little cracks and crevices and it’s invisible to the naked eye, but then it can get too overwhelming of a task for one person to tackle on their own, so I definitely recommend that.

When it comes to the everyday floor cleaning, I recommend the Swiffer Wet Jet with the extra power pads. I love this because it has the scrubbing power of the Mister Clean Magic Eraser, but I think it’s given me a much better clean with a lot less effort than that traditional mop and bucket. And I also recommend when you do that regular floor cleaning – a regular family of four or less don’t clean, clean. Just do a once a week good cleaning, and spot clean in between.”

Candace Rose: As hard as it is to believe, cold weather will be here before we know it. What can we do to prepare our home and lawn for winter?

Laura Dellutri: “Well, I recommend you look not only at winterizing, but also the exterior fixtures like your decking. If you’re thinking about doing a new beautiful and durable deck, right now is a good time because spring is just around the corner. So consider the high performance eco friendly composite decking material like the Trex Transcend. Now the reason I love this? Low maintenance! It’s really resistant to scratches, stains, mold. It comes in a variety of colors, so great thing to think about right now if you’re going to do new decking.

Also, you want to think about the lawn and debris that’s out there like logs, the kids toys that lay against the garage. If you don’t move those things and the snow comes it’s going to look terrible underneath, and it’s going to make it vulnerable to diseases. Plus, you want to aerate, fertilize. This is also a great time to change your furnace filters, check that chimney, if you need to get that swept out.

Also, you want to check your windows and doors weatherstripping. This is all a great time to do it, right before the cold weather sets in.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Laura Dellutri: “I sure do! You can go to”


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