Images + Video: Actor Nick Cannon Teams Up with NERDS Unite to STOMP Out Bullying


Actor, NERDS Unite! and STOMP Out Bullying Global Ambassador Nick Cannon and Wonka Nestle’s USA brand manager Natasha Madan present NERDS Unite! spokesperson Tricia Bowles a $25,000 check to STOMP Out Bullying on October 3rd at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Los Angeles. Screenshot courtesy of the Associated Press.

Actor, candy enthusiast, NERDS Unite! and STOMP Out Bullying Global Ambassador Nick Cannon was on hand at Dylan’s Candy Bar at the Original Farmers Market in Los Angeles on Wednesday, October 3rd to help STOMP Out Bullying.

The actor, host and all-around philanthropist met with some of the 10,000 fans and new NERDS Unite! members outside the event before heading inside Dylan’s Candy Bar to present a $25,000 check along with Natasha Madan, brand manager for Wonka Nestle USA to Tricia Bowles, spokesperson for NERDS Unite! to STOMP Out Bullying.

The ever-positive and enthusiastic Cannon stated that ‘self esteem is a serious issue and if we can ever shine a light on helping build each other up, I believe the world will definitely be a better place. He feels that it’s now cool to be a “nerd”and stated ‘I remember when it wasn’t cool to be a nerd, and being a young kid who had to deal with a lot of adversity, and not being able to be the most popular. And being somebody who’d been bullied or picked at times; really, I just thought this was a message that needed to get out there because it’s not a heavy-handed message. It’s not a preachy message; it’s a message to say we embrace who we are, we love individuality and we love our own individuality. And that’s expressed through the NERDS candy without having to say ‘don’t do this, or don’t do this.’ Now it’s cool to be a nerd. It’s cool to be an individual, and they say that with such ease.”


Actor, NERDS Unite! and STOMP Out Bullying Global Ambassador, and NERDS candy enthusiast, Nick Cannon! -Screenshot courtesy of Associated Press.


Nick Cannon and TV host Mario Lopez at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Screenshot courtesy of the Associated Press.


Nick Cannon talks about being a global ambassador for STOMP Out Bullying:

Celebs unite to STOMP Out Bullying!

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All screenshots and video courtesy of the Associated Press.


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