Interview: Kickoff Football Season with the Commissioner of Tailgating, Joe Cahn

With the 2012 NFL season kicking off today, can you think of a better way to celebrate than by tailgating with your best friends, family and fellow fans at the stadium? If tailgating is in your future tonight or some time this season, look no further as the Commissioner of Tailgating, Joe Cahn, who not only tailgates at the top football stadiums and NASCAR tracks, but spends Thanksgiving in Detroit tailgating in a hot tub (yes, a hot tub!) with “tubgaters” stopped by to discuss how fans can go from being a participant rather than an observer, to dressing the part by wearing their favorite player’s jersey or team’s colors to planning a fun tailgate with delicious food just in time for kickoff!

The “Commissioner of Tailgating” Mr. Joe Cahn with the secret to throwing the best tailgate party at the stadium!

     So where do we start when it comes to meal planning? Joe recommends “keeping it simple, by doing your prep work the night before.” One of his favorite lines is “Suddenly Salads pasta salads because you can put the salads together the night before, you can doctor them up, you can make them taste the way you want to.” When it comes to new grilling products that will make game day less stressful for you (before kickoff at least!) Joe suggests the BIC FlameDisc. “You light it and it flames up, and we can put this in the grill and we can do our burgers and dogs. It’s disposable. When it goes out we can dispose of it very easily, very safely instead of putting charcoals on the ground.” What are the latest trends in tailgating decor? You might be shocked to hear this, but Joe states it’s all about elegance such as “beautiful tablecloths, serving upscale and steak, like the Omaha T-bone steak.”

And last but definitely not least, Joe has a few suggestions before you leave the house, such as filling a large plastic tub with contents including a checkoff list so you don’t forget anything at home. “We need to remember that we have everything, and on the top of that list, what are we going to put? Tickets. Don’t forget the tickets. We can’t forget the steaks and we can’t forget the grill, but we can’t forget the tickets either. But always have more than we think we’re going to need because we’re going to have friends dropping by we didn’t even know we had. We can’t forget about safety, make sure you don’t leave your house without the First Aid kit, fire extinguisher and hand sanitizer and lighting, especially during night games. And never forget about the designated driver, and the designated griller.”


For more information on tailgating from the Commissioner of Tailgating (and Tubgating!) Joe Cahn himself, be sure to check out the video below, and don’t forget to visit



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