Interview: Top Video Games and Tech Trends for Fall with Tech Expert and Author, Scott Steinberg

Tech expert Scott Steinberg was kind enough to join us once again, this time to chat about the TOP tech trends and video games for fall 2012. If your child loves interactive toys and games, Pokemon or you’re looking to update that Tablet PC or smartphone, or just considering purchasing your teen a cellphone, look no further as Scott has the tech must haves this season!


Tech expert Scott Steinberg with the must have digital toys, games and tech gadgets for fall 2012!


Candace Rose: What are the top tech trends you’re seeing for fall?

Scott Steinberg: “We’re seeing all sorts of interactivity being added to digital toys and games like UNO and Twister, and even board games are getting a digital twist. You’re also seeing smartphones, tablets that are for all ages- of course they’re connected to the internet; apps everywhere, online virtual worlds that are free to play and dive into, so across the board tons are going on in the tech world for kids and adults alike.”


Candace Rose: What are the must have digital toys and games for kids?

Scott Steinberg: “Well, definitely on October 7th I would check out- there are two new games from Nintendo and they are pretty cool adventures. There’s Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2. They’re fun and exciting and kids can battle. The nice part is even newcomers can dive in and have fun with it. It’s for every Nintendo DS device. You can play them on the 3DS and 2D mode as well, and basically kids can connect with their friends on the internet and battle online via your local wireless connection. They can trade Pokemon, so again that’s going to be out on October 7th at retailers,

Also Vtech Switch & Go Dinos are fun and educational. You take dinosaurs vehicles, combine them for 2-for-1 play. It’s totally interactive. What’s neat in just a few easy steps the toys can morph between dinosaurs and vehicles so kids get sounds, and educational facts about dinos. Those are going to be $15.99 and available at all major retailers as well.”


Candace Rose: Are there any must haves for young adults?

Scott Steinberg: “What’s nice is there are all sorts of Tablets being released out there for all ages and also all portable handheld gaming devices. So if you haven’t picked up a Nintendo DS yet definitely have a look. You can also see things like the Tab 2 and MobiGo 2. There are lots of great apps out there as well- things like Simplex Spelling, MyMathBook, so you can download all sorts of cool tech.

And of course if kids are of middle school age, once they reach about 13, 14, 15 if they’re going to be out of touch for any extended period and you want to be able to stay in contact, you might consider getting them a cellphone. Not necessarily a smartphone because you don’t necessarily want them to have full access. But on the bright side, there are tons of great models at every need and at every price point.”


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