Interview: Satisfy Your Cravings & Lose Weight with Registered Dietitian Lyssa Weiss

Do you “suffer” from a sweet tooth, or are you constantly on a diet but can’t seem to lose the weight? You may be shocked to hear that 95% of all diets fail, which according to registered dietitian Lyssa Weiss is “because people feel like they are missing out”. Lyssa joined me recently to share simple tips and recipe ideas we can all use to not only help us satisfy that sweet tooth and those food cravings, but feel great too, and much more!


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Candace Rose: According to statistics nearly 50% of women are on a diet. Why is it that so many diets fail?

Lyssa Weiss: “Well, 95% of diets fail because people feel like they are missing out. Deprivation, especially when it comes to food is a powerful experience. The key to avoiding feelings of deprivation is to have good food alternatives that you truly enjoy. I have a few recipes to show you. First we’ll start with breakfast; we have your typical store bought blueberry muffin, and this muffin has 550 calories and just 29 grams of fat. It will give you no get up and go in the morning. A much better option is a bowl of cereal with some low fat or skim milk and some fresh fruit. One that I happen to love is Post All Natural Shredded Wheat because it has 49 grams of whole grains and six grams of fiber per serving. And fiber keeps you fuller longer so it gets you through your morning. And just so you know, you don’t even need to use it just for breakfast. I have used this cereal to play double duty for some recipes at my own house like these easy no-bake grab ‘n go peanut butter bars. They are great for satisfying a sweet craving, and this classic healthy twist on a classic fall favorite- apple crisp (please see both in video above). So really, you can get whole grains in your diet in so many different ways, and diets that are rich in whole grains and plant based foods, as well as saturated fat and cholesterol may help reduce heart disease. So it’s a win-win all around. You can use it any time you need to, and for recipes go to the website:”


Candace Rose: What are some better-for-us alternatives for those of us with a sweet tooth?

Lyssa Weiss: For a sweet tooth, like I said, you can make these, they are delicious- the peanut butter no-bake bars, and you can also do things like taking your ice cream and buying it in 100 calorie or portion controlled size. Those are really good for helping satisfy a sweet tooth. Go on the internet and search for ‘healthy whole grain dessert recipes’ and so many will come up. But there are great alternatives to all of your favorite foods. You can find them now, food companies are catering to all of them.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Lyssa Weiss: “Some of the biggest culprits are things we see in our every day diets, like a plate of french fries. This one here is 400 calories and 25 grams of fat. You can make my skinny baked potato fries, all you do is take a baked potato and slice it any which way, put it on a plate, sprinkle it with some paprika, non-stick spray, salt and pepper, and put it in the microwave on the baked potato setting (or eight minutes if you don’t have a baked potato setting) and you will get an entire plate of baked potato french fries for 160 calories, no fat and four grams of fiber. So it’s a huge portion for half the calories, and Candace, do you want to know the best part of this recipe? There’s only one plate to clean up so you can have your fries and eat it too, and not have to make a big mess in the kitchen.

There are some other tricks of the trade, please steer clear of all or nothing thinking, it almost always leads to all or nothing eating. If you make a mistake and you fall of the wagon, just get right back on at the next meal. Don’t make too much of it. Sometimes we beat ourselves up and there’s no reason to. Just get back on your program!

Another great tip is peppermint. Peppermint is the number one flavor and scent for extinguishing food cravings. So a peppermint breath strip, mint gum or mint can really help you cut some calories. The peppermint can really work, especially when you have a sweet craving.

And lastly, so many dieters, particularly women, we do so much of our mood eating in the evenings in our own kitchens so closing your kitchen earlier, and I mean physically leaving your kitchen and turning off the lights can literally save you hundreds of calories so if you pay attention to some of these eating tips and tricks, it really is possible to can eat a lot better so you can look and feel your best.”


Candace Rose: Well, thank you Lyssa for all the great tips. Where can we go for more information on everything you mentioned?

Lyssa Weiss: Sure, well my Facebook page is Skinny Jeans Diet. I give about three or four tips a week there, so just go check it out, or go And again for some of these great recipes you can go to”





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