Interview: Mom.Me’s Editor-in-Chief Anne Marie O’Neill Shares Tips on How Moms Can Make More Time For Themselves!

With school back in session, taking kids to soccer, dance class and various activities with friends, many moms working full-time outside of the home (and inside of the home) struggle to make time just for themselves. We’ve all heard it before, you have to make time and take care of yourself or you can’t take care of anyone else, but honestly, who has time for that? Well, Anne Marie O’Neill, Editor-in-Chief of one of the leading websites for moms, dropped by to discuss just that, share simple unexpected ways you can make time to pamper yourself and your family, and talk about the new section of Mom.Me that just launched!

Anne Marie O’Neill, Editor-in-Chief of Mom.Me. Image courtesy of Mom.Me.





Candace Rose: is such a popular destination on the web for moms. Can you tell us about the new section you recently launched?

Anne Marie O’Neill: “We have a new section that we launched after the back to school period, and it is called Back to Me. The idea is that when you drop your kids off at school a lot of parents leave the school yard a little sad and nostalgic for the summer, but also that little happy dance on the inside that the kids are gone, and maybe they’ll carve out a little time for themselves. So the Back to Me section on is about some ideas for how to enjoy what time you can pull out of your day for yourself.”

Candace Rose: What are some easy ways busy moms on the go can make more time for themselves?

Anne Marie O’Neill: “A lot of people talk about creating this extra hour in your day, and that’s just not really going to happen. Most moms are so busy they realize they’re up early, they’re up late and they’re using all the hours in the day. So instead we’ve talked about some tips for making the most of the time that you do have and that you may not even notice. For example, when you’re putting your kids to bed at night a lot of parents have this ritual that they go through with the reading, the long bath and the getting the kids relaxed, well maybe once or twice a week your kid doesn’t need a 20 minute bubble bath. Do you get a 20 minute bubble bath every night? I don’t so maybe it’s time to skip the bubble bath, skip the reading of Harry Potter and take that 20 minutes back for yourself. Maybe not every night, give it to the kids most nights, but give it to yourself one night. Take that time for yourself.

     Another idea is take those stolen moments- if you’re stuck in traffic, and you’re getting stressed out about being in traffic switch on a great radio station you love and look out the window. Maybe the sun is setting? Really take that moment to not think about all the things you have to do, but just be in that moment and look at what’s around you and see that being stuck in traffic is not necessarily a bad thing because no one’s nagging about how hungry they are, right?”

Candace Rose: And speaking of being hungry, do you have any suggestions when it comes to meal planning?

Anne Marie O’Neill: “With the best intentions, most of us try and plan our meals. It does actually save time if you are someone who is able to be organized enough to get your meals worked out. Something we have on the website that’s actually really helpful on, is we have this new app called ListBliss. It lives on the website at, but it also is in the app store and it allows moms to make a list and share it. It’s really fun because you can make a really practical list with what you’re going to buy at the grocery store for your week of dinners or you can make a really whimsical fun list like what songs I like to listen to when my kids are driving me crazy, and then you can share that with other moms so it becomes this kind of community conversation where you can get inspirations from other moms and give inspiration to other moms, but it’s also a really good, practical planning tool as well.”

Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Anne Marie O’Neill: “Well, only that moms shouldn’t judge themselves as much, and not try and be perfect and take the time in your day to take a breath and know that you’re not in it alone. If you go to you’ll find that there are a lot of moms just like you.”


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