Interview: Food Blogger Karen Introduces Us to Wednesday Nite Dinner

Most of us have some type of tradition based around the dinner table, or in my family, in my grandma’s kitchen making tamales every Christmas Eve. It usually involved me getting kicked out by my grandma and being “forced” to watch TV for putting the masa (dough) on the wrong side of the corn husk, which I purposely planned because frankly I’m lazy and my family is much better at making tamales than I am! I’ll never forget the time we had together and every time I try a tamale or look at masa (dough) or corn husks, or when Christmas eve rolls around, it instantly takes me back to my childhood when my grandparents were well and everything seemed perfect. Today I’m happy to introduce you to my good friend, Karen who launched an amazing new food blog this week called Wednesday Nite Dinner. What I love so much about this blog is it is not your typical food blog, hers is based on her family’s Wednesday night tradition, hence the title of her blog (I’ll let her tell you all about that below). I love the premise of this blog, and certain you will too!

Karen’s lovely grandparents adorn the Wednesday Nite Dinner banner. Image courtesy of

Candace Rose: What is all about?
Wednesday Nite Dinner: “ is a site for people to share their  ideas about food/tradition and culture….on a global scale. If you are a Spanish- Jewish living in Madrid…and celebrate the Jewish New Year (Rosh hashanah ) different than we do in the US…write about it on Wednitedinner. Or if you live in the US and just moved across country by yourself and are looking for a tradition to start in your new home…check out

Everyone has a favorite family recipe…Wednitedinner is the place to share it. To brag about it. to help people who don’t have a tradition start one.  It’s YOUR global conversation about food and traditions and where you can learn about how that fits with other cultures.”

Candace Rose: Where does the name Wednitedinner come from?
Wednesday Nite Dinner: Wed is short for Wednesday and when I was a young girl up until the time I graduated High School we used to go to my grandparents (moms side) every Wednesday night for dinner.   It was one of those things that I didn’t appreciate until I got older. But now I cherish those memories.  I still remember the smells and the food.  In fact my grandma used to put those little kirby cucumbers in her salad…and to this day when I bite into one,  if I close my eyes I feel I can imagine I’m sitting at her dinner table.

I was super close to my grandma Helen…and we lost her last year.  A few months after she passed the idea just popped into my head.  I have always been really into food and wine…and I thought sharing traditions from different cultures would be cool. I love to travel and experience how things work in other cultures.

One time I was in Rome for New Years, and in Rome everything closes at 9pm.  Then they all go to the center of town to watch fireworks, and after that to a local flat. No one stays out in bars or restaurants till midnight. It was a really cute tradition and something different.  That’s just what  I’m hoping people get out of Wednitedinner.”

Candace Rose: How does it work?
Wednesday Nite Dinner: “So simple, go to and just type in what your family tradition is and if you have a recipe…even better.  You don’t have to post a recipe or a story…you can use an idea or recipe already posted.  How fun is that?”

Candace Rose: What’s your favorite meal to prepare?

Wednesday Nite Dinner: “My favorite meal to prepare…I sometimes make her Matzo Ball Soup recipe.  My own recipe is a Chicken Marsala…with lots of mushrooms.”

Don’t forget to head over to, and follow Karen on Twitter @KreativeKonnect (Wednitedinner to come)!


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