Interview: Fall Home Interior Trends with NYC Interior Designer Marlaina Teich

Are you looking to update your home for fall, but unsure what colors and styles are in this season, or would you like to maximize living space while sticking to a budget? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Our good friend, acclaimed New York Interior Designer, Marlaina Teich of (Marlaina Teich Designs) who has been featured in high profile publications such as Better Homes and GardensHouse BeautifulRomantic Homes and Newsday as well as Better TV joined us once again, this time to dish on the hottest design trends of 2012, talk about the role fashion has played in interior design this year, share tips for maximizing space, and much more!

Acclaimed New York Interior Designer Marlaina Teich. Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich.


Candace Rose: What have been some of your favorite design trends of 2012?

Marlaina Teich: “Wallpaper is my favorite trend. Its an amazingly easy way to add another dimension to a space. With so many patterns and colors available, its an almost foolproof way to inject your style into the room.  For 2012 I also love patterns! Chevron patterns are everywhere. I would love to see a chevron as the perfect statement wall with wallpaper or paint or as an accent in pillows or even an area rug.”


Candace Rose: Bright color has been everywhere from fashion to interior design this year! Do you see this continuing into fall and winter?

Marlaina Teich: “I see saturated color for fall and winter but a less bright, fuller bodied color instead. A more sophisticated approach to color with warmth and depth. Burnt sienna is a earthier play on 2012’s “it” color Tangerine Tango. Paired with aged plums or rich mahogany, deep, gunmetal grays… These are the colors that will bring instant warmth and appeal to a room.”

Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich Designs


Candace Rose: What advice do you have for those looking to update their homes while sticking to a budget?

Marlaina Teich: “Invest in quality pieces that are meant to last- but intersperse these items with wallet friendly items that will be easy to switch out when styles or tastes change. Buy neutral furnishings so that you can easily switch out the rooms look with bold accessories and art.”


Stunning room adorned with neutral furnishings! Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich Designs

Candace Rose: What can we do to maximize a small space?

Marlaina Teich: “Think about how the space will be used and create a plan before you run out to buy everything. In small spaces, each item really needs to fulfill a purpose. Select items that are multifunctional and provide hidden storage if possible.”


Candace Rose: How can we use the latest fashion trends as design inspiration?

Marlaina Teich: “Fashion magazines are great inspiration for new color schemes and textures that can transition to home. I just last week saw a magazine in the Atlanta airport- Gardens and Guns of all things! On the cover was a woman in a gorgeous dusty orange dress against a steel blue background. Stunning. I didn’t buy the magazine- I have no use for guns- but I used the dress color and the background color to create a stunning color scheme for my client’s Manhattan apartment.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any advice for decorating a home or room around a statement piece, and what’s the key to finding a statement piece (we won’t tire of) to decorate around?

Marlaina Teich: “The key is to find a piece that really speaks to you on some level. Having an emotional or mental connection to a piece will mean that you will enjoy that piece for a very long time.”


Gorgeous statement pieces adorn this stunning room. Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich Designs


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Marlaina Teich: “There are so many quality sites available online to do research and to find design inspiration. From Pinterest to for look books to One Kings Lane and Gilt for sales on quality furnishings it is really a buyer’s paradise out there. Design should be fun- pleasurable- do your planning and enjoy the space that you create for yourself. Or call me and I will do it for you!”


Stunning living space. Image courtesy of Marlaina Teich Designs


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