Interview: Fall Fashion & Accessory Trends with Celebrity Stylist & TV Personality Bobbie Thomas

Now that fall is officially upon us (Happy first day of fall!) it’s time to start thinking about putting away the shorts, mini dresses and tank tops, and move towards fall attire! Celebrity stylist Bobbie Thomas, who many know as the Style Editor for NBC’s Today show, joined me last week from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York to chat about fall fashion trends, give us a sneak peek at what we’ll be coveting for spring 2013 straight off the runway, dish on the must have accessories, and talk about the fabulous new contest where one lucky winner will get to spend Fashion Week with Bobbie next spring!

Celebrity Stylist and TV personality Bobbie Thomas with the must haves in fall fashion!





Candace Rose: What are some of the hottest trends you’re seeing on the runway for spring (2013) at New York Fashion Week?

Bobbie Thomas: “There are lots; some I like, and some (I have to be honest) I’m cringing over, but you’ll see Mercedes Benz Fashion Week behind me (please see video above), there’s more white on the runway. We saw white for fall, there’s also black and white graphics; and something I’m not so excited about, but I have to be honest – bare midriffs. Jason Wu, Marc Jacobs, and a bunch of others are really trying to bring back the bare belly trend, and I have to get the ab roller out; and I don’t even know even if I had a fabulous stomach if I would do it. But that’s definitely what we’re seeing on the runway. I actually had more fun seeing what other people at fashion week are wearing. It’s a really fun place to watch people.”

Candace Rose: What is the one style secret that all the fashionistas have in common?

Bobbie Thomas: “Handbags are a hot commodity. They’re your BFF, they hang on your shoulder so I think that fashionistas, and I think all women like making a statement with their handbag. But I think it’s what is in the handbag that is probably the secrets, and how smartly you pack your bag to get through the day. Girls here at fashion week that are going from show to show, they go from the breakfast meeting to the show to lunch, it’s just like a mom out there that’s dropping her kids off at school and running her errands through the day so she wants to make sure she has the right accessories that can not only help you transition from summer to fall, but it also can help get you from day to night. I personally love scarves.

  • Scarves are my adult blanket, I don’t leave home without them. But I think that there are really inexpensive ways to take on a new trend.
  • Leopard is a fun look we’re going to see for fall. You don’t necessarily have to get a leopard jacket just yet or a dress, you can get it in a scarf.
  • …And your white jeans instantly have a pop of fall.
  • I tend to want to switch the flip flops out for some fun flats, and the ladies at fashion week, just like women everywhere, you want comfortable shoes that are cute to help get you through the day.
  • Loafers are really great, they’re in style. They’re polished, but something studded is a little more fun. Women of all ages should really try this trend out. It’s not just for a trendy 20-something; it’s chic, especially with an all black look or just your jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Also, have fun with your fingertips. We’ve seen the pastel colors all summer, and we’ve also seen the neons; go for a richer color- something like this purple plum here (see video above). This is a velvet manicure that’s adding another layer of fall, but shimmery nail polish is really a hot trend.
  • And just statements in general, like statement earrings, some arm candy, broaches and even barrettes are back. And what’s great about these is they’re small but mighty. You can stash them in your handbag so when you leave the office, it makes a big impact or when you get out of the PTA meeting you can put on some fun bling and you’re ready to go to dinner.

My personal favorite thing to make sure I always have is a snack. I love keeping my Fiber One Bars in my handbag. My only problem was that my bars would always get smashed at the bottom of my bag under my cellphone and wallet. I’m sure other women have had this problem! But I came up with the idea to take an old eyeglass case, and what I did was put a little glue, and for $2, poured some shimmer and beads into the Ziploc bag and voila, I came up with what I call a SnackCessory. It’s not only fun to pull out because my girlfriends (or whoever) it’s a conversation starter, it’s a great thing to talk about, but I am so excited and proud to have partnered with Fiber One to give away two tickets to one lucky winner to come hang out with me here in New York City for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for the spring and what’s so exciting is it’s a couple dollars. You could even spend nothing if you go into your junk drawer. You don’t have to be Martha Stewart. I promise that it’s easy. I want anyone, even if you’re not a crafter to just try something. Use spray paint, nail polish, Wite-Out, tape – anything you can think of, ribbons and just show me your design because I’d really love to give you these tickets, and I really want to hang out with some new girlfriends here at fashion week.”


Candace Rose: How do we enter the contest?

Bobbie Thomas: “It’s really easy, you can find out more information at I’ve even got inspiration photos up there of my project, and lots of others, in case you’re stuck. We’re accepting entries until September 30th, so you’ve got some time. And of course if you need any more help, I’m at But really, check out, and on my Pinterest page I have a folder with all the ideas for the Snackcessory Challenge.”


Candace Rose: Do you have any additional tips or information you’d like to share?

Bobbie Thomas: “Just be yourself. I know it sounds really generic, but it’s really important. It doesn’t matter what you accessorize with. If you start the day beating yourself up, you’re not going to feel cute and that doesn’t look cute. Make sure you be nice to yourself, and then accessorize accordingly.”


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