Interview: Fall 2012 Beauty Trends + Buys with Beauty Sweet Spot Founder & Beauty Expert Jeannine Morris!

With fall nearly upon us and cooler weather on its way many of us, unfortunately will suffer from dry skin. Beauty expert and Beauty Sweet Spot founder, Jeannine Morris stopped by recently to talk about the must have product to help combat dry skin, as well as a product expectant and new mothers will love to help minimize stretch marks, and a French cosmetics company whose makeup not only has anti-aging properties and adds moisture to your skin during the harsh cold weather months, but gives back to St. Baldrick’s Foundation. Looking for the hottest beauty and hair trends for fall 2012? Look no further as Jeannine has all that and more!



Beauty Sweet Spot founder Jeannine Morris with the must haves in beauty for fall 2012 and the latest cosmetic and hair trends! Image courtesy of



Candace Rose: With fall nearly upon us, what are the must have beauty buys and where do we start?

Jeannine Morris: “Well let’s start with cosmetics- a French company called Votre Vu that’s all based on their skincare and it’s called French Accents. I really like it for fall because they have really on trend colors, but I love the skincare properties. Their Love Me Deux Nourishing Moisture Tint and Concealer is my favorite product in it because it’s a 2-in-1. It has the concealer on top that matches the tinted moisturizer on the bottom. It’s made with 11 all natural ingredients plus it has anti-aging properties. As you’re wearing the makeup it’s helping to stimulate your collagen and add moisture into your skin, so it’s doing a lot of good things for your skin. Also, if you purchase any product in the collection you’re donating a dollar back for each product purchase to pediatric cancer research through the St. Baldrick’s Foundation so I always like products that give back and that’s a great one for fall.


Bio-Oil is a miracle oil, it can do so many things. It can eliminate scars and stretchmarks. I’m always recommending it to pregnant women who are starting to get newer stretchmarks because it can help eliminate them over time it can also help even out the skin tone on your face. Now the magic ingredient in this is Purcellin-Oil. It helps to absorb all of the ingredients into your skin quickly without leaving a greasy residue on top, so it still feels dry. Your skin will feel dry after you put oil on, I promise. It’s a great bang for your buck, it’s only $12 and you can find a thousand different uses for it.


And next I have something new from Eucerin, it’s their professional repair for extremely dry skin! The seasons are changing, so my biggest tip is as the seasons change, you need to change your skincare regimen. It’s a bit of a heavier lotion, it absorbs quickly, dermatologists recommend it and it locks in moisture for 24 hours. So if you have dry skin it will help to repair it over time, but if you don’t have dry skin yet, this will help to prevent it from getting dry, itchy and flaky throughout the season change. It also earned the Good Housekeeping seal of approval, which is a great accomplishment for the brand.”


Candace Rose: What are the latest beauty and hair trends for fall?

Jeannine Morris: “Well, for cosmetics it’s all about wine-stained lips. The color lip I’m wearing (see video above) right now is a very big trend for this season, and also straight hair. Forget the waves, forget the curls; it’s time to take out our straightening irons again, and start going with straight, sleek strands.”


Candace Rose: So will long hair still be a big trend?

Jeannine Morris: “Yeah, long, short whatever kind of hair you have, as long as it’s straight you’ll be in style for fall.”


Candace Rose: Where can we go for more information?

Jeannine Morris: “You can find more information about fall beauty trends on And you can follow me throughout New York Fashion Week this week on my blog:”



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