Interview: Back to School Technology MUST HAVES with Tech Expert Manoush Robin!

The things I remember about back to school as a kid were earlier bedtimes, shopping for pens, pencils, a Trapper Keeper (I’m really dating myself), a graphing calculator and the much coveted pager I begged my parents for, but they were never willing to purchase. A lot has changed in the last _ _ years, pagers are no longer on students wishlists, and don’t even dare ask them what a Trapper Keeper is. They’ve moved on to laptops, smartphones and greater things. Purchasing the right laptop or tech item can be hard to decipher to say the least- from where to purchase, the best time to buy, how to save money when purchasing tech items, to how to ensure that tech item on your child’s list isn’t outdated a week after purchase. Technology expert Manoush Robin was kind enough to join us recently to discuss just that and more! Here are a few of Manoush’s favorite items just in time for back to school!


Tech expert Manoush Robin talks last minute back to school tech gadgets with Candace Rose Anderson of!

Manoush on how to save money when purchasing tech items:

You need to look for the deals out there. We found an unusual deal from Boost Mobile, they have a new $45 Blackberry Messenger Unlimited plan. You don’t need to sign a contract, and you get unlimited talking and texting; and for every six on-time payments the monthly bill shrinks by $5, and you can get down to as low as $30. This is exclusive for the new Blackberry Curve 9310 smartphone which is under $100.

How parents can ensure they’re not purchasing outdated tech items:

We found a calculator that’s going to last your kid from middle school all the way through college- it’s the TI Nspire CX from Texas Instruments. All the operating system and software updates are free, and this handheld is allowed on the big test like the SAT’s and the ACT’s.

Must haves for college students:

One company, Inkling is creating interactive books with publishers of the most popular textbooks that students use in college, in med school and in grad school, and these books have multimedia. You can spin a 3D molecule in your textbook, you can take an interactive quiz and your professor can leave you notes in the margins. But what’s also great is you can buy just by the chapter at a few dollars per chapter, so you can buy the chapters you need and there’s always a free chapter in every book so you can always try before you buy.

The TOP free app she recommends for students:

Evernote is being used by a lot of teachers in a lot of classrooms these days. It’s really popular, and Evernote lets students use their smartphones or laptops to capture notes, to record lectures, to clip stuff from the web and store it all into one digital notebook that they can access from any device that has the app on it.


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