Images: Fashionista Olivia Palermo Talks Style & Life As the Most Stylish Woman in NYC in the NY Post

It’s no secret around here, we are huge fans of fashionista Olivia Palermo. Not only has she been kind enough to dish on the latest trends with us the last few seasons, but we have followed the fashion forward celeb since her days on MTV’s The City and love how she has evolved into “the most stylish woman in NYC”. We’re happy to report you can catch her in the latest issue of Page Six available in the New York Post and online in a matter of hours! Here are a few sneak peek images and an excerpt of her interview with the newspaper.

Olivia Palermo photographed for Page Six Magazine. Photo credit: Andrew Eccles for Page Six Magazine.



Olivia Palermo photographed for Page Six Magazine. Photo credit: Andrew Eccles for Page Six Magazine.



On her time on MTV reality show ‘The City’:

“I think from the beginning of my career…being in television…that was completely—it was just ridiculous, it was not me at all…Um…it’s a learning experience. That’s how I always put it. I’m very happy in the career that I’m in now, and that’s the end of the matter.”


On her new website,

“I really want my fans to see fashion that interests me. It could be a boutique, an art exhibit—anything. Fashion can be so one-dimensional at times. It’s important for our readers to get a little more than that, to get a little culture.”


On her signature style:

“If there’s a piece of jewelry or a bag or a shirt that I love, I will wear it until I can’t wear it anymore. It forces you to push the boundaries and create new looks.”


On the slim inspiration of Hollywood stars:

“Victoria Beckham has a beautiful handbag line, I have to say. And Gwyneth Paltrow, she’s a New Yorker. She’s always well dressed. I guess that’s it.”


Caitlin Burke, Fashion Editor for Hearst Magazines International, on how Olivia’s image has transformed in the last four years: “When she used to walk into a room, there’d be a few people taking photographs. Now there’s just a swarm of people. That’s partially her star rising, but it’s also just the street style evolution in general. Her visibility has increased. I’ll see her mix Giambattista with Top Shop booties. It’s very impressive. You’ll see it and say, ‘Shoot. I wish I had thought of it.’ She has a way of pulling things off that’s very unique to her.”


Check out the entire story on Olivia Palermo tomorrow in Page Six Magazine, free inside the New York Post, at and through the Page Six Magazine app available in the iTunes store.



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