Expendables 2 Actor Liam Hemsworth Shares His Hidden Talents with “Women’s Health”

Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, star of the Expendables 2 and Miley Cyrus’s fiance, opened up to Women’s Health magazine for their September issue and chatted with them about everything from who he calls for advice, his hidden talents and how to make up after a fight. Scroll down to see what Liam has to say, and follow the link for the full article!

How I Met Your Mother actress and new bride, Cobie Smulders covers Women’s Health magazine in September. Photo credit: Jeff Lipsky.



Who do you call for advice? …
“Most of the time if I’m in a pickle I’ll call one of my brothers. They’ve usually got somewhat uplifting advice. One is six and half years older and one is eight years older, so they’ve probably lived through whatever my problem is.”

Any hidden talents?
“I’m a really fast runner. No one can catch me – I’m quick. I’m also a really good cook. I’ll do anything Italian, life spaghetti or pizzas. I studied cooking all through high school.”

What’s the best way to make up after a fight?
“Put yourself in their shoes, whatever the situation.”



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